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Isn't it interesting how all these lefty-lockdown lovers keep victim blaming and saying "oh people just need to do the right thing".

How about, governments should do the right thing and not unduly restrict people's liberty and destroy lives? Proportionality matters.

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Small minds hate the successful.

Average minds envy the successful.

Great minds learn from the successful.

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Hell is a journey, not a destination.

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The latest edition of free money: Italy is selling three-year notes with a 0% coupon today for the first time ever. Italian 3-year yields have already turned negative in the secondary market. via @highisland @TheTerminal

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For when you throw it at your TV on Nov 3

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Where in the history of epidemiology does it say you can suppress a virus by, “only serving alcohol in a pub as part of a main meal”?

Please show me the evidence. Somebody?!
@MattHancock @BorisJohnson @uksciencechief @CMO_England

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No surprise on the headaches. That's a well-known symptom of high CO2 levels, which masks cause by trapping exhaled air.

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"Bitcoin is an ark of encrypted energy to escape the flood of a currency collapse." - @michael_saylor

All of a sudden...
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EXCLUSIVE $10 billion asset manager Stone Ridge reveals $115 million bitcoin position as part of a larger plan: by @DelRayMan

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Dopo l'enorme successo dell'app "Immuni", arriva finalmente anche "Infami", la nuova app per segnalare il vicino di casa che ha ospiti non approvati dal Partito. Scaricatela numerosi! Non c'è Salute senza Delazione.

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’s ongoing trial is beyond any human’s comprehension/basic compassion. This prosecution of an investigative truth-teller reveals the true guilt of the caught naked in its crimes. How can our media be so soulless as to ignore this show-trial?

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Prof Gordan Lauc on the peer-review system (2020):

"Scientists have to follow the crowd. As a scientist you cannot go against the majority opinion because you will be voted out and declared to be a kind of fraud."

He's right, isn't he?

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It's a new day and a new week, and a whole new world of possibilities to scare you into being a pathetic hysterical little bitch, so make sure you stay tuned to your TV and newspaper and Listen To The Science.

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Politicians parrot "better safe than sorry" while infantile slogans are promoted 24/7 on every channel. They drop democratic principles as a nursery teacher would, when taking toddlers across a busy road

Nothing is investigated or questioned. Lurid headlines drive policy

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