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Read my lips fascists:
I will not disclose my medical details to exercise my civil liberties.

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It's becoming necessary for Bitcoin to go back to being developed largely by pseudonyms.

This is a trillion dollar asset now. The code and developers will be a target: whether by malicious private entities, or nation states.

Time to anonymize, and decentralize.

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Dell'aspetto economico a sti punti non me ne frega più una mazza. Senza libertà, sottratta con la manipolazione e la menzogna, non ha alcun senso parlare di qualsiasi altro tema.

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Se non hai sintomi e vai a farti il tampone di tua spontanea volontà, sei coglione.

We all should have a great conversation about how to avoid any of your suggestion
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Thanks @kwelkernbc and @JCCAtlanta for a great conversation about how we can avoid a climate disaster.

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: based on a statistical hoax created by the false definition of "cases without disease" compounded by a "test" with too high cycle thresholds & the inclusion of random testing of asymptomatics which through leads to easily 90% of false positives.

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Exercise mandates, smoking bans, and alcohol bans would save infinitely more lives than mask mandates, lockdowns, and house arrests.

'But Zuby! That would be illiberal and an infringement upon people's liberties, autonomy, and rights!'

Oh... Now you get it.

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Chiudiamo ora per aprire nel Duemilaecredici.
Se però, quando apriremo, uscirete allora saremo costretti a chiudere di nuovo.

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The state is the only organization in society that can legally obtain its revenue through coercion backed by threats of violence.

If anyone else tries the same thing, the state will lock them in a cage.

If "we" are the gov't, why can't we do the same things as the gov't?

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Quando un criminale fa le leggi, il criminale diventi tu.

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The Green Revolution, 4th Industrial Revolution and Great Reset are all massive frauds to create a series of monopolies, cartels and oligopolies that govern food, energy, healthcare and the most basic parts of our lives. We must fight this or we will never again have freedom.

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You only think it’s easy when you are not the one doing it.

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Either accept that you will be called a racist, white supremacist, bigot, homophobe, and all else, or don't get into the business of freedom fighting.

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Se qualcuno di voi fosse interessato alle mutazioni del SARS-CoV-2 in modo scientifico e non terroristico: the-scientist.com/news-opinion

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Grayscale now has 3.09% of the total Bitcoin supply under management with 655,490 worth $35 billion.

Q: "Cosa ne pensa dello scoglimento dei Daft Punk?"
A: "Secondo me, i Daft Punk non si sono sciolti abbastanza."

When you hear western technocrats speaking of "Zero COVID", you are also likely to hear the same type of person speak of "Zero Carbon."

You will find the same orchestra of power behind both, and both are inextricably joined at the hip.

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Il moralista dice di no agli altri,
l’uomo morale solo a se stesso.

Pier Paolo Pasolini

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