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As the governments around the world continue to steal wealth from citizens in the form of taxes, bailouts, inflation, surveillance on financial transactions, the citizens will seek a better alternative: a superior form of money free from government control.

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: La storia insegna che quando i popoli barattano la propria libertà in cambio di promesse di ordine e di tutela, gli avvenimenti prendono sempre una piega tragica e distruttiva

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If you just wish to live your life, prepare for the majority of people to hate you. We live in times when non conformity is looked upon with hatred and disgust. Make sure you’re ready to take the pressure, you’re not alone.

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Imagine being so mentality sick and full of hatred that all you see in your fellow humans is “incubators for new variants”.

These people have lost any compassion or empathy for others, their irrational fear has turned them into hateful deranged psychopaths.

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🇮🇱And that is why Israel won’t tell anymore who was or not fully vaccinated 👇🏻

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La follia è ai massimi storici: per la prima volta nella storia un soggetto completamente SANO può trasmettere un virus a chi si è "immunizzato" contro quello stesso virus.

Questa è fantascienza, .

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The fact that there isn't really an objective source of news is a catastrophic problem.

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If you have to pay people to get vaccinated, it’s not a pandemic.

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Philippines' President Duerte gives orders for the unvaccinated to be confined in their homes, by force if necessary

“Those who do not want it, well for all I care, you can die anytime"

Has this crossed your red line yet? Do you *still* not see it?

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Who says you cannot be ethically vegan and still eat the occasional dirty burger?

It's your freedom. Reclaim it.

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When masks didn’t work, they told you to just put more of them. Now that the vaccines don’t work, they again tell you to just take more of them. Maybe we should try a different solution instead of doing more of a futile one?

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Io sono SANO.
Vedo un sacco di gente,
rispetto le normali regole di precauzione,
rispetto le paure e gli stili di vita del prossimo, pur non approvandoli,
In nome di cosa vi sentite in diritto di coartare la mia volontà e disporre del mio corpo?

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Vi state facendo mettere le mani sui vostri corpi.

Se non lo fate vi rendono de facto apolidi.

Se non capite dove vanno a finire le rotaie di questi vagoni piombati siete degli imbecilli.

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If you hold out long enough, the federal government will pay you 1 bitcoin to get a COVID vaccine.

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This is literally what most of the world was fooled into doing.

The superstition of authority is wide and deep among the sheeple.

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Vaxx is safe and effective
Inflation is transitory
Just lockdown and wear masks one more time

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Siccome molti si piegano al ricatto per quieto vivere vogliono che lo faccia anche tu onde condividere la vigliaccheria. Tutti codardi nessun codardo.

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@VeniVidiBitcoin @ODELL The state should be a service provider, not a redistributor of wealth.

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