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As the governments around the world continue to steal wealth from citizens in the form of taxes, bailouts, inflation, surveillance on financial transactions, the citizens will seek a better alternative: a superior form of money free from government control.

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How to weaken your immune system:
1. Avoid fresh air
2. Avoid movement
3. Sterilize your hands several times a day
4. Lack of oxygen, inhaling your own viruses & bacteria and CO2 (wearing a mask)
5. D vitamin deficiency (avoiding the sun)
6. Emotional stress
Notice a pattern?

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Il vaccino Astrazeneca prima si poteva somministrare fino a 55 anni, poi fino a 65 e ora anche agli over 65.
La Scienzaaahh

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"Si deve poter licenziare il personale assunto anni fa con tutele e salario maggiori per poter assumere gente nuova pagandola la metà e con tutele inferiori"

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@MinutemanItaly Dal lunedi al venerdi si lavora, il weekend tutti chiusi in casa.
Il lavoro rende liberi.

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perchè ho il sacrosanto diritto di andare dove cazzo mi pare all'ora che ritengo più adatta, per il più futile di tutti i motivi che possiate immaginare.

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The left wants us to go back to this but a more woke version of this. They won't call is segregation, it will be called safe spaces.

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The powers that be want you paralyzed by fear so that you're easier to control.

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Oggi più di ieri vale la massima di Il Pedante:

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E come dice
Ci vuole l'immunità DAL gregge.

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Le democratiche sono state conquistate, mica concesse. Se non si è disposti a lottare per esse, non si può far altro che rassegnarsi alla schiavitù.

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Name a single time in history when the group fighting to censor speech and ban books were the good guys.

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Should we remove the rocky statue? He beat up 3 black guys and a communist

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As a sovereign individual the number of people I’m obligated to interact with is very small. This is an underrated luxury.

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Ti puoi accalcare sui mezzi pubblici, sul posto di lavoro, in fila alle Poste, alla cassa del supermercato, ma non fuori dal seggio elettorale \\ Curioso, eh? 🤔

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@btcede @chris_belcher_ @SamouraiWallet @maxtannahill @mike_4131 @LaurentMT @glennhodl @Marty_P_B @bottlepay @matt_odell @PeterMcCormack @Proofofsteph CoinJoin: The surveillance company *knows* you coinjoined, and therefore the COIH is invalid.

CoinSwap: You *may* have coinswapped, but at the start it is overwhelmingly likely that you didn't.

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"An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made in his subject, and how to avoid them.."

-- W. Heisenberg (1901 - 1976)

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A "vaccine passport" gives the state the power to jab you ad infinitum, new variants, new disease etc.. Fight for the right to your 'bodily autonomy'. A 'vaccine passport' is the road to totalitarianism. Resist and defend your freedom.

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