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The National Debt Scam:
(A good video to introduce people to exactly how fraudulent the fractional reserve banking system is):

This is why Bitcoin exists

Watch out for scams claiming to be using your money to "build roads" and "buy hospital beds".

They most likely are going to be spending your money bombing children and families in foreign countries and giving it to government cronies.

Keep your assets safe in Bitcoin where it isn't attached to our "government" identity and can't be stolen from you (by us).

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Taxation _is_ theft.

Inflation _is_ theft.

The EU-commission is a non-elected band of robbers.

The ECB is a horde of mad man specialized in QE.

The educational system is an indoctrination camp aiming to kill talent on the expenses of equality,... - no winners wanted!

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Hello Bitcoiners, would you like to help us build the roads?

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