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how on earth do i join ??????????

โ€ชAbove 50% for the first time in 2018.โ€ฌ

Interesting side effect of the ; We are exposing a ton of other people to that may not have been otherwise.

Learn more here


Anyone here using the latest @Purism laptops and/or have early access to their forthcoming phone? Been thinking of making the switch away from MBP / iOS for a year or so now & might pull the trigger soon. Would love to hear experience reports.

This just in after 5-years of work, Cuidad de Orquideas, is now the FIRST Zone for Economic Development and Employment in Honduras. Why this is important:
1. Own legal system -> Delaware Common Law
2. Own customs jurisdiction
3. Own Police
4. Own currency
5. Own regulations -> rely on common law tort
6. Low taxes -> income tax is theft

It is hard to believe but we did it! Now to work on the federated sidechain and implementation for the currency. FTW

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #7 is out!

Featuring news about generalized Bitcoin contracts over the Lightning Network and a recently-announced library for scalability-enhancing BLS signatures.

@bitcoinoptec tremendous newsletter

@TallTim Figured it out... You have to click on their username, then the dot menu on their profile allows you to hide the entire instance.

Greetings, I am Chi. I am a developer interested in privacy and cryptocurrencies. Currently contributing to, a decentralized crypto exchange and possibly new way of collaborating on projects.

Anyone who watches/follows Block Digest, I've set up a Mastadon account in case this exodus goes full blown. Follow @blockdigest

According to this article, @MrHodl is the founder of Mastodon, @mattodell is a developer and I am operator of open-source Bitcoin payments solution BTCPay.

I really have trouble of thinking of ways to add more false information in a single line of text ๐Ÿ˜‚


Anyone who has no clue who I am or didn't follow me on Twitter: I'm Mike, I run, Canada's Crypto-to-Gift Card exchange service. I have been an avid bitcoin and merchant adoption advocate since 2013.

@badger Full-time freelance lead tech and remote back end dev here. Web, databases, APIs, search, recommendation systems, algos, blockchain, fintech, etc, for large companies and startups on 3 to 12 month missions.

After the current mission ends in 2 months Iโ€™d like to work on Bitcoin/open source.

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