Have you operated a serverless service? It's way simpler than -anything- from 2003.

Instead of your checklist of instructions an update would be a single commit.

@nvk @stark so I am a jackass for attemping to discuss chaumian notes on top of LN hubs with @waxwing, in an approach he thought was novel.

But apparently that's spam, and I must be ad hom-ed.

@sambiohazard @stark so have I. However, I don't go around accusing contributors of spamming.

@duudl3 @mattodell Bitcoin will not even notice. Mining is a commodity, there is nothing special about Bitmain. RIP.

Bitmain's original vision!πŸ˜‚

"We stand firm with Bitmain founders in their pursuit of the BCH vision."


@doubleunderscore @nvk Actually, all handles you see on here is just @nvk tooting to himself.

Princeton course on 'Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies' currently in Top 10 Most Seeded torrents on academictorrents.com.

See: academictorrents.com/browse.ph

@duudl3 most are against - 1) polluting ecosystems with modified organisms, 2) refusing to label the good as GMO.

And of course, Monsanto isn't going to lie to you about safety of their product or anything.

Soup kitchen initiative in Venezuela accepting bitcoin donations. They support lightning as well. πŸ‘Œ

Coordinated by @btcven


Segwit adoption just popped to ATH 45.32% on segwit.space πŸš€πŸ˜Ž

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