"MicroStrategy intends to use the net proceeds from the sale of the notes to acquire additional bitcoin."

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Check out my latest article and video, "4 Billfodl Privacy Tricks for Safer BIP 39 Backups".

You can also do these with any paper wallets, but it's just cooler to hold a piece of metal and deal with stainless steel tiles.


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Awesome post @orionwl. Completely agree with the thinking and thankful it isn't a leaving message. Sense of dread at the beginning. 😅 laanwj.github.io/2021/01/21/de

Someone (Nunya I thnk) mentioned IFPS yesterday, and I had to look it up. Then nullc mentioned it in his post today... Interesting! Never heard of it, then 2 days in a row. What I don't get is - Where is all the data stored? On each person's local drive? I think this is a super cool idea, but I already have trouble keeping my drives from overflowing 😂


bitcoin.clarkmoody.com/dashboa shows chain size is 367GB, but my node is 447GB. Anyone know why this is?

Anyone got a Linux phone? I can't wait to get one. Using Graphene on Pixel4 rn... its better, but I want hardware switches, I want Linux! I want FOSS. That's what I want. What about you? Rob Braxman on Odysee points out that while we would never want an RFID chip, we willingly all are carrying phones which are actually worse, and I think he's spot on...

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The greatest life hack you can make today is to value your wealth and time in BTC.

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A person who truly understands knows that its value lies in that it will always be a revolutionary technology with infinite possibilities for humanity.

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One cool thing with Mastodon is if want to run your own instance, you can migrate your existing followers over. Go to Account Settings -> 'Move to a different account' and you'll find a migration wizard

@nvk Took a look at Mastodon setup... Do I need to set up my instance on a VPS, or can I host it on my Linux box at home over VPN with some domain redirection service like No-IP?

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it's very refreshing to see a lot of bitcoiners wake up to the social engineering of twitter. It happened in the past with reddit and it's still heavily used for discussion.

Twitter, reddit, and other centralized services(exchanges) need to be labeled what they are... DOXNETS.

It's a location on the internet to remove the pseudoeonymity of bitcoin outputs and tie your identify to wallets.

Stay vigilant bitcoiners of the universe. The only route forward is further decentralization. Love y'all

I like how 2017 is already starting to look like a speed bump

Saifedean has a hilarious thread on twitter 🔥 😂

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