I will delete my Twitter account end of this week.

The value I’m providing/getting is diminishing. Also it’s a distraction.

I’ll be available under this pseudonym on other platforms until I chose a completely new one.

Thanks for great 2 years. Plebs together strong. 👊

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No, no, you don't understand. I *need* my private jet to fight climate change.

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Nietzsche on stacking sats and selling your chairs to defeat the beast that is the state. (1/4)

Societies oscillate between hubris and suffering towards improvement.

Nothing different this time. Except, this time we have

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Meetup presentation tonight: "The 8 stages of enlightenment on bitcoin, energy, and the environment"
0. recognize bitcoin's value (a pre-condition for the journey)
1. see mining in the big picture of energy use
2. see mining's energy mix
3. see mining's capacity for cleanup

The BS many ‚Bitcoiners‘ utter during the year gets dismantled once it’s time again to engage in full blown fiat decadence at the bitcoin conference.

Talking about decentralization, privacy, and moral improvement on BT

…but doxxing yourself to worship your rich heroes. Dumb

Truth is a messy process, but at least you move forward.

Falsehood is just messy; stagnant.

I choose the process. Tick tock, next block.

Why isn’t this shared more!? Awesome
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The bitcoin Voicepaper - The Voicepaper is a collaborative video recording of the Bitcoin whitepaper narrated by B.. youtu.be/7jldYncbU6s reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/

This is why this shit never ends
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@imnuso @sahouraxo When has understanding the other side ever mattered in ending a war before?

We do not have ’supply chain issues’. We have a shortage of goods. Propaganda again.

Not judging individuals by their actions but their group and …

not judging groups at all because they’re comprised of individuals.

Both are dire mistakes.

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It’s always such a surprise when the communists starve everyone.

Our changing perception of is driving its scarcity effects.

Every phase shift increases the number of people who don’t want to end up being the idiot that sold.

Funny how the latest flu made them loose their shit but visiting a war zone seems to be no problem at all

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NOW - UK's Boris Johnson is meeting Ukraine's Zelenskiy during an unannounced visit to Kyiv.

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Wir erinnern uns an auf Maskenverweigerer und Lockdownbrecher.

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