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My favorite version of the story:

Satoshi destroyed the key to the 1M, then went on and got a low paid job in a restaurant or in construction.

As Bitcoin started trading, he slowly started stacking. He even lost a bunch of coins in Mt. Gox!

He’s a serious bag holder by now, but still humbly HODLing and stacking.

At this point however, he's seriously thinking about quitting his job and "moving on to other things": using his stack to make the world a better place while living a simple life.

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Separation of church and state... DONE

Separation of money and state... IN PROGRESS

Separation of education and state... IN PROGRESS (thanks COVID for making homeschooling appealing)

Separation of law and state... WHEN?

There is no such thing as “a blockchain”. It’s “the blockchain”. It’s only one.

Since everybody had to show a negative test result on checkin, why are they all wearing masks at the gates?

I’m shocked that after one year people still don’t get this: you make more tests, you have more “cases”.

It’s not like we have some magic technology that measures the number of infections in an area.

The more you test the more positives you will find.

Orwell was talking about the Ministry of Truth as propaganda machine.

But if you think about it...

The Ministry of Agriculture is killing small farmers.
The Ministry of Education is indoctrinating us.
The Ministry of Health makes us sick.

... and DeFi on ETH is really CeFi.

Thinking a bigger government and more regulation is what we need to solve our problems is like thinking more whiskey is what you need to cure alcoolism.

I feel that there is a very high correlation between statism and atheism.

What I am the most proud about: the friends that I convinced to get into Bitcoin.

Some listened, some not. Some bought more, some less. I don’t care. Everybody has a choice. I did my part.

What I know is that for the few close friends who listened it will be life changing.

Forget Ethereum 2.0.

Binance is the new Ethereum.

If you have to choose between law and morality.

Choose morality.

Imagine that 100 years ago one could travel around the world without a passport.

Imagine that 1 year ago one could travel around the world without being tested for flu.

I’m really fascinated about the multi-layered distributed governance system of Indonesia, so I wrote a piece about it.

Everybody understands Bitcoin at the exact point in their life when they are ready for it. It cannot be forced.

Also, some people will probably never understand it, but still end up using it. Like my mother is using YouTube.

The greatest lie we were ever told

is that “the state” = the society.

Disregard the state and you are “antisocial”. Disagree with the state’s rules and you are someone who can’t live peacefully amongst people.

Sadly, many have fallen for this.

The state has become their God.

Backed by nothing > backed by a group of people

TradFi is a way for the elites / investment funds to bypass the inflation tax.

Under a Bitcoin standard there is no need for DeFi.

The only fair establishment is the bottom-up one. The one that emerges naturally. The one that is not enforced.

People *can* self-organize if they are allowed to.

People can educate their children, build hospitals, build roads.

Heck, Elon Musk will send us to Mars before NASA.

@LadyAnarki @Justyouace “What do you want to eat? Soup or stew?” says the mother to the child that doesn’t want to eat. And so he will eat the thing she cooked, whether it will be called “soup” or “stew” by the time it is put on the table.

Lies we are constantly being told:

* Capitalism is bad.
* Human greed is bad.
* Inequality is bad.

The truth is:

* Capitalism is natural.
* Greed is natural.
* Inequality is natural.

Nature is not "bad". Nature works just fine. The proof is that we have made it this far.

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