If only they knew these computers are used by CAD engineers.

I guess no more 3D work in California 😂
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JUST IN - Dell is no longer shipping high-end gaming PCs to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, due to new regulations on the energy usage of consumer electronics.

People don't realize how much they are "speculating" and "risk-taking" when they have 95%+ of their wealth outside .

COLDCARD Firmware 4.1.2🍄⏫

-QR for BIP-85; @opennoms idea. 12/18/24 words, XPRV, private key & even hex
-QR in other places; XPUB, Seed, TXID, backup pw
-Smaller signatures. @craigraw for detecting this
-Seed XOR feature bugfix
-Red light bugfix

Fantastic 🧵 by @btcization on what happened to the price today
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Yesterday pumped thousands of dollars within hours after weeks of sideways price action, and many might be wondering, why?

Here's a thread on derivatives, naked shorting, and $BTC accumulation


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Objections to Bitcoin

2010: Won't work
2015: Too risky
2021: Bad for the environment

2025: Not fair

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I don't care which is the next country to adopt as legal tender. I already adopted it for myself. I will accept bitcoin for any debt or payment. This is what matters: that all people adopt it for themselves. It's the sovereign way. Countries don't matter.

My LN node made already 5 603 satoshis this month. In just 4 days 🚀

123 transactions went through and at least 1/4 of them didn't pay any fees to my node (got a 0 fee policy for some channels)

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