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- It's impossible to watch the whole network 🕵️🚫
- We can't collect any metadata 💾🚫
- Sender and recipient are both totally anonymous 🥸✅


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RT @murchandamus
GM, Taproot 🥕 is active now, but are exchanges ready?

Next time you are DCAing, could you try putting a bech32m (P2TR) address as the withdrawal destination?
Just check if it gets accepted, don't send to it (or only a small amount).

Let us know what happened below (or dm).

Good morning. You don’t need permission to build anything on top of

See something missing? Make It!

White employees of AT&T have been told to read an article saying that they are racist and acknowledge "systemic racism," or else they will be penalized in their performance reviews.

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Hi guys! what do you think about ? Are they legit? Do you have another inheritance plan?

Notice shortages everywhere.

Housing, labor, meat, cars, gas, computer chips, etc.

Shortages are nothing more than prices failing to adjust upwards fast enough.

Buy while you still can.

Human beings are the most intelligent and complex organisms in the known
universe. They're often made by accident.
-jayflashgordon, Feb 2016
I definitely used way more glue in the first five years of my life than I have
in all the time since then.
-UllrRllr, Aug 2016

Hi guys! what do you think about ? Are they legit? Do you have another inheritance plan?

Buy & 🍿🍿🍿
RT @PierrePoilievre
Canada's GDP is has shrunk. Yet housing prices continue to balloon. If GDP, which is the source of income to buy houses, is down, then where is all the money for higher house prices coming from?

Answer: the government has printed $400B in 18 months.

If only they knew these computers are used by CAD engineers.

I guess no more 3D work in California 😂
RT @disclosetv
JUST IN - Dell is no longer shipping high-end gaming PCs to California, Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington, due to new regulations on the energy usage of consumer electronics.

People don't realize how much they are "speculating" and "risk-taking" when they have 95%+ of their wealth outside .

COLDCARD Firmware 4.1.2🍄⏫

-QR for BIP-85; @opennoms idea. 12/18/24 words, XPRV, private key & even hex
-QR in other places; XPUB, Seed, TXID, backup pw
-Smaller signatures. @craigraw for detecting this
-Seed XOR feature bugfix
-Red light bugfix

Fantastic 🧵 by @btcization on what happened to the price today
RT @btcization
Yesterday pumped thousands of dollars within hours after weeks of sideways price action, and many might be wondering, why?

Here's a thread on derivatives, naked shorting, and $BTC accumulation


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