I like the form factor of this, but I think there is one potentially serious issue: if you need to open it up and recover your seed, knocking it over and having the letter pieces come off would be catastrophic. The thought of having to carefully unstack them one at a time to recover your words letter-by-letter seems stressful.

A promise of free speech is without meaning in a world that is invasively surveilled to the extent facebook is.

Bitcoin and quantum computers are two fields of study that I think are foreign to the vast majority of people, so maybe this is why there is so much confusion and hysteria about the two every so often.

This is a great post that addresses both the technical details, and the wider social/network implications:


right, that makes more sense to me: keeping cold wallets stripped down and simple to audit gives the strongest guarantees. Thanks for clarifying.

@harding @FreePietje
to put it a different way:

As a user, are you concerned that other users are using a LN-enabled Electrum? You shouldn't really be, it wont affect you if you choose to not use this product / the LN layer. You can still use the Bitcoin protocol without issue.

But if core was integrating LN functionality deeply, well maybe you would be concerned that it might cause rifts in the consensus or verifiability of the network's state.

@harding @FreePietje
I'd think that the layer-violation argument would be more relevant to attempting to integrate LN functionality into bitcoin-core. That could potentially introduce bugs into consensus critical code more easily (in reality, core is moving in the opposite direction: segregating functionality).

Otherwise, I'm happy to see other wallets like Electrum integrate LN, I'd echo Harding's sentiment that its a product designed to be functional, not to provide ultimate security.

@berkes well once scammers, er... I mean... developers... have optimized their blockchains in a way that leads to the emergence of AGI, this phenomenon will undoubtedly lead to the formation of what we could call 'a culture of on-chain conscious beings'. Combined with the promise of 'perfectly optimized on-chain governance', it should be obvious to everyone here that a 'blockchain society' is the only reasonable outcome.

*rolls eyes* 🙄😇

This is amazing, where did this list of nonsense come from? Who was paid to put this together? Is *anyone* looking at this and thinking it seems legit at all?

My favourite is just 'Blockchain society'. Can't wait for that one...

@waxwing r/Bitcoin is plagued by users that want to be helpful, but end up spreading misinformation in small but important ways. Adoption isn't easy :(

@FreePietje ugh, I agree it’s no surprise, it’s just following the current ad-driven internet meta. This is a pretty egregious and potent example of privacy erosion though :(

I feel like this is probably a marketing stunt, but even still, wow. Absolute inanity.


@stevenroose @teknari I've seen them as well, and I agree, super crazy, and they've improved a lot in the last few years. I guess it won't be that long until we see them deployed IRL for ourselves now

@teknari @stevenroose
I'm picturing somebody using one like a mechanical bull you would see in an American bar... spot surfing!

Spot does sort of sit in the valley of the uncanny, the way it moves just seems too... natural(?) in some ways. I think that might be part of what makes me feel uneasy while watching that video. That SPOT.PROTECT at the end didn't help though

"However, this does mean that sampling-based quantum supremacy experiments are almost specifically designed for ~50-qubit devices like the ones being built right now. Even with 100 qubits, we wouldn’t know how to verify the results using all the classical computing power available on earth."
What a funny conundrum, I guess these sort of logical algorithms need to be tested in a goldilocks-zone of qubit-number to be sure they are truly doing quantum things. Nice read.

Anyone have any fun suggestions for things to do with a YubiKey? I was given one by a friend, trying to decide what to do with it.

I'd agree with you within the current paradigm, but when I wrote 'if Bitcoin continues to be successful', I meant to imply a future in which Bitcoin becomes widely adopted and used (ie. starts to become the unit of account for many people, instead of $/€/etc).

For certain, the majority of people still approach Bitcoin with the idea of 'increasing the number of $/€/etc I own'.

the sort of rhetoric that captures the attention of the mainstream is very rarely interesting or nuanced. But that doesn't mean the underlying truth is less exciting or potent.

If Bitcoin does continue to be successful, then holding an authentic UTXO will be useful in ways a paper bitcoin will not. I'm sure that ETF buyers will come to realize this at some point.

I find it hard to believe that regular Reddit users post about Bakkt so much. Very suspicious that Bakkt is paying for some sort of small scale astroturfing campaign over there. Like honestly, who cares?

@alan8325 @TallTim yea, quantum entanglement doesn't defeat the speed-of-light limit of information transfer. There are interesting applications of long-range Q-entanglement, but faster-than-light information transfer does not seem to be one of them.

@stevenroose @Sosthene @Gargron @Framasoft fwiw, I do enjoy parsing through some of the French posts I see in my feed. Puts my translation skills to the (well needed) test..

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