This is amazing, where did this list of nonsense come from? Who was paid to put this together? Is *anyone* looking at this and thinking it seems legit at all?

My favourite is just 'Blockchain society'. Can't wait for that one...

I've looked at before, but there has never been anyone online. Now there are three!

200 sats on the line 😆

I think this is a really stupid take, but I do also think there is a sliver of truth to the BTC part: privacy at the protocol level is important! If we end up in a future of white/blacklisted coins that will be really, really bad.

Also... something about ETH and infura servers shutting down.. lol! (and let’s not even start on ETH privacy, that is a very sad topic)

Bitcoin, not blockchain.

Credit to @woonomic on birdsite, great chart

Here’s a look at the mempool for the past couple hours. Perhaps the users paying 150+ sats/byte aren’t concerned with overpaying by a couple bucks, but perhaps they are just users with funds stored in wallets that provide crap fee estimation.

It’s worth taking the time to determine if the software you use is capable of creating transactions that suit your preference. It’s safe to say that most users don’t want to overpay if possible.

I thought bitcoinhackers might like this: a display of lock mechanisms from the 1500’s, seen in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. There are some pretty wild designs in there.

How to guard valued possessions is a timeless question. Some things change, others stay the same!

The Bitfi wallet is being heavily promoted in my Twitter feed, lots of sponsored posts recently.
They're basically promoting a hardware brainwallet, I'm surprised I haven't seen more outrage at this yet.

Blockchain facepalms & lols:

Celebrating that the company behind your favourite blockchain is moving to a 'crypto friendly jurisdiction'? Nice try, but you've rather sorely missed the point of all this.

This is the article linked:

But the real lols are a link within that article:

Why is 'supply chain tracking' still a blockchain meme? Does nobody involved in these ventures understand what a dumb idea it is?

I cut some BTC vinyls out. If anyone on here is interested, DM me and I'll send you a couple for the price of postage, paid via LN. I've bought a few drinks at a local hackerspace and would like to get some channel capacity back :)

Keep your shitcoins safe.

Unless, you know, the coordinator decides to take them all 🤨

I try not to be cynical, but adding a hardware wallet to the mix raises my eyebrows for sure. It’s good to enable users to store keys more securely, but it’s better to ditch the web-wallet entirely. Especially one with poor architecture like

Apparently the recent reports of dust-spam are an ‘advertising campaign’ for a mixing service.

Yea, you read that right. A mixing service is advertising using a technique that is normally seen as an address-linking de-anonymizing attack. wtf? That’s idiotic and careless at best, if you actually care about anonymizing your coins, this is a giant red flag to never use their services.

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