I thought bitcoinhackers might like this: a display of lock mechanisms from the 1500’s, seen in the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands. There are some pretty wild designs in there.

How to guard valued possessions is a timeless question. Some things change, others stay the same!

The Bitfi wallet is being heavily promoted in my Twitter feed, lots of sponsored posts recently.
They're basically promoting a hardware brainwallet, I'm surprised I haven't seen more outrage at this yet.

Blockchain facepalms & lols:

Celebrating that the company behind your favourite blockchain is moving to a 'crypto friendly jurisdiction'? Nice try, but you've rather sorely missed the point of all this.

This is the article linked:

But the real lols are a link within that article:

Why is 'supply chain tracking' still a blockchain meme? Does nobody involved in these ventures understand what a dumb idea it is?

I cut some BTC vinyls out. If anyone on here is interested, DM me and I'll send you a couple for the price of postage, paid via LN. I've bought a few drinks at a local hackerspace and would like to get some channel capacity back :)

Keep your shitcoins safe.

Unless, you know, the coordinator decides to take them all 🤨

I try not to be cynical, but adding a hardware wallet to the blockchain.info mix raises my eyebrows for sure. It’s good to enable users to store keys more securely, but it’s better to ditch the web-wallet entirely. Especially one with poor architecture like blockchain.info.

Apparently the recent reports of dust-spam are an ‘advertising campaign’ for a mixing service.

Yea, you read that right. A mixing service is advertising using a technique that is normally seen as an address-linking de-anonymizing attack. wtf? That’s idiotic and careless at best, if you actually care about anonymizing your coins, this is a giant red flag to never use their services.

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