A funny thought experiment:

Due to a critical bug, all UTXO values are doubled. The remaining block subsidies are all doubled. Literally, just double all the coins. Is this bad?


I think this is sort of similar to the 'divisibility' thought experiment: is it bad to further increase the significant digits of bitcoin? I've had conversations with a few people that struggle with this idea, they first see it as an increase in supply! (which of course it isn't)

@hermanskledar yea I think that is true

"Ok look, I know 21 million was a big deal, but it turns out 42 million is functionally the same thing! Trust me, you can trust the (new) math!"

I guess it is better marketing to just point to a number, the 21 million meme certainly is strong.

@htimsxela it'd be bad if it happened suddenly before people had tome to react, e.g. before merchants could double their prices or traders coould halve their bids. Even if not completely sudden, it'd require reeducation. Also, Bitcoin consensus rules forbid spending more than 21e6 BTC in a tx, which might suck. But, yeah, it's economically the same.

@harding that all makes sense. I originally thought of this in the context of an 'increasing the divisibility' conversation, but framed it as a bug in my post here, which could certainly be more disruptive.

Maybe more interesting than my original post, is that 10x'ing all UTXOs / future subsidies would be economically equivalent to increasing the sig digs by one decimal place. If people have trouble with the divisibility bit, trying to understand that equivalency might be a battle!

Unfortunately I don't think you can have educated conversations with people that struggle to understand that dividing is not the same as increasing.

But don't get me wrong, they can be nice people too.

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