So honest question, how does it work if someone starts spamming the shit out of the feed every half second and render it unreadable? What is the structure? People report the post and after a number of reports it automatically activates or there is human oversight?

Asking because i've been in many ungoverned universes and almost everytime it became impossible to see anything through the spam. Here feels great and i wonder how it's done.


@minnow there are mods here (I think just @TallTim and @lukedashjr?) Its pretty hands-off though, you'd have to really spam to get the ban from one of them I think.

@htimsxela Surprisingly orderly to be honest, i was expecting full blown chaos trollbox madness with blinking lights quite frankly

@minnow there have been some influxes of bots spamming out in the past, but otherwise its pretty respectable. The last couple days have been a lot more active overall though.

But once you venture out into the wider fediverse... things can get pretty wild in that regard :p

@htimsxela Seems like the layers help, interesting solution to an historic challenge.

@htimsxela @minnow @lukedashjr Yep. You can tell me to fuck myself and all that and I won't touch you. Just don't spam like a crazy person, no porn, no shitcoin shilling...

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