Is there any other example of a thing which has properties similar to BTC testnet coins? Namely: they’re useful because they’re worthless, if they were worth something, they’d be useless?

@raucao heh, even a dogecoin does have some monetary value though, albeit a VERY small value.

Maybe this just calls into question what 'value' means though. Clearly testnet coins are of value, but it is just a value which by necessity cannot be monetarily denoted.

Hmm maybe... love? It seems odd to speak of love in terms of 'usefulness', but the monetary aspect lines up (you can't pay for love, in the truly emotional sense). I suppose I was originally thinking of tangible object examples tho

@htimsxela Sure, but it's more similar to testnet BTC than to actual BTC in that regard, no? :)

I like the idea of what you call "love", but perhaps there's a better term with less emotion attached.

@raucao I'd actually still say that doge is closer to btc than to tbtc in the context of my original post. It isn't a matter of *how much* monetary value, it is a more binary distinction than that.
(ie, =0 value vs !=0 value)

Fun fact: the original testnet was actually ended because people started to trade tbtc for money. Since the coins were thus ascribed (a very small amount of) value, the original testnet became useless, and was abandoned.

@htimsxela I would argue that the value of DOGE is so low, due to the supply being so large, that it was never useful to anyone as either a store of value or a medium of exchange. Thus, it's not really money, and more comparable to testnet coins. Dogecoin's value is more about just being "fun" I guess, which I thought was closer to what you termed "love" than to actual finance.

@htimsxela ... and they were only fun, because everyone could have them in large amounts, because they're not really worth anything. That was my thinking.

@raucao @raucao yea, fair enough! I suppose my counter point would be that if you owned 10% of the doge supply, then it would be an appreciable amount of money (despite the absurdly low unit cost), but if you owned 10% of the tbtc supply, it would still be worth nothing. But I understand your point there.

I remember when doge launched, a friend was quite incredulous about it.. "this memecoin will be dead within weeks!"... but as it turns out... people really do love (put value in) memes.

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