Just set up some sensors in the house, and boy is it cold here on Sicily in late November:


What are you using for temperature logging (hardware/software)?

I was actually just building a temp logger with an old RPi and a couple DS18B20 waterproof temp sensors last night! I got the hardware all working properly, but then ran into some software issues that I think originated from an outdated OS on the RPi, so I called it a night. I was planning to just wipe the thing and start fresh sometime this weekend.

@htimsxela Just simple DHT11 sensors attached to some RPi. Software is a script using CircuitPython, sending data to queues on the Home Assistant's MQTT. Here's the script, in case you're interested: gist.github.com/skddc/1d25af83

Thanks for the links, I haven't really played with any iot stuff much before, slightly wary of a lot of it but I do see the appeal.
I went with this sort of build, just got it finished today finally:

baddotrobot.com/blog/20 16/03/23/homebrew-temperature-logger/


So far so good!

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