My stomach turned while reading this devastating account of Julian Assange's recent appearance in court:

@raucao what a damn shame, if all of this is true then it is incredibly saddening.

@htimsxela I have no reason to believe it's not true. It's consistent with all other accounts of people who had direct contact with Julian in recent months and years. Just heartbreaking.

I first saw him when they announced the Wikileaks project at a CCC congress in Berlin in 2007. Having a person from your own community being tortured for exposing war crimes, while the rest of the world doesn't give a single fuck, is hard to swallow. :(


@raucao yea, I honestly don’t doubt it, I just added the caveat because some of that blog was reading into the proceedings a bit, but I have no doubt that the core of it is substantive and truthful.
The sort of psyops shit Assange has been run through in a lot of the media is just shocking. It’s so sad to see the sort of isolation and mental torture he’s been put through. Heartbreaking, and also terrifying.

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