This is amazing, where did this list of nonsense come from? Who was paid to put this together? Is *anyone* looking at this and thinking it seems legit at all?

My favourite is just 'Blockchain society'. Can't wait for that one...

@htimsxela dammit. You made me do it.

So. Who wil *be* that blockchainsociety?

I'll see myself out.

@berkes well once scammers, er... I mean... developers... have optimized their blockchains in a way that leads to the emergence of AGI, this phenomenon will undoubtedly lead to the formation of what we could call 'a culture of on-chain conscious beings'. Combined with the promise of 'perfectly optimized on-chain governance', it should be obvious to everyone here that a 'blockchain society' is the only reasonable outcome.

*rolls eyes* 🙄😇

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