I think this is a really stupid take, but I do also think there is a sliver of truth to the BTC part: privacy at the protocol level is important! If we end up in a future of white/blacklisted coins that will be really, really bad.

Also... something about ETH and infura servers shutting down.. lol! (and let’s not even start on ETH privacy, that is a very sad topic)

@htimsxela How to stop ETH - have a bunch of people use Dapps on it. They'll implode in due time, the only reason they're still around is no one is using the "world computer" for anything really useful right now. Can't wait to see their "sharding" implode.

@TallTim I legitimately think that a better slogan would have been “World’s most expensive computer”, but perhaps if we wait long enough their ever-changing narrative will come back around to it... 😂

@htimsxela "ETH - We Tried, But Relented" (DAO reference)

"ETH - Shard Your Socks"

@htimsxela Absolutely. Once certain BTC become blacklisted for being “dirty” or mixed, it is an attack that I hope results in more support and development for protocol level privacy.

@alan8325 agreed, and I think that privacy will become an increasingly hot topic in Bitcoin over the next few years (not that it isn’t already, but I think it will be one even more relevant).

IMO it is a serious potential vulnerability- if I were an enemy of Bitcoin I would probably be considering ways to erode privacy as an attack against the network. It’s a much quieter but still insidious way to degrade the usefulness of BTC.

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