@FreePietje @htimsxela Yeah, I don't have particular beef with Electrum, but more with the lack of safe and easy options in general.


@kallewoof @FreePietje
In many cases I think mobile wallets are a reasonable mix of easy UX and security (as long as your phone isn’t rooted, etc). For larger amounts, or power users, they aren’t great, but at least they’re easy enough to use for newbies. Some of them allow you to connect to your own node, so at least you have some privacy there.

Unfortunately, no mobile wallet is fully featured, at least on iOS. UTXO selection, manual fee selection, would be nice.

@htimsxela @FreePietje Agreed. It feels like bitcoin people go out of their way to avoid iOS for some reason..

@kallewoof @htimsxela @FreePietje in the past the apple app store wasn't friendly to Bitcoin wallets, so that set back wallet development there. Also in general app development is hard so makes sense sometimes to focus on the larger Android installed base.. I'm hopeful tech like will make SPV type mobile wallets better too, it's not just for

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