A funny Bitcoin.SE question:
Can the fees in a coinbase (tx) be used to launder Bitcoins?

"Just asking for a friend", right OP? :p

I have no idea what this question is even about. But I wonder what about the opening statement :
"Generally Bitcoins coming from a coinbase are considered clean as they are newly generated. "

Can you (or anyone here) elaborate on this?

@kenn3d a coinbase transaction is the name for the first transaction included in every block, it is the transaction that pays the miner’s reward, plus any fees. The coinbase tx has no inputs, so the UTXO it generates has ‘no history’, so to speak.

The question is about the viability of a user creating transactions that spend what would be ‘excess’ fees to the miner, and then the miner would pay those excess fees back to the user.

Fees are not explicitly included in txs, they are implicitly specified as the difference between inputs and outputs. And so a miner can claim fees up to the sum of (all inputs in the block - all outputs in the block).

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