My LND node routed a payment today, for the first time in the 9+ months I've had it online, netting me 1 sat in fees.

The routing pushed one channel's balance almost entirely to one side, and then that channel was closed out... hmm. Opening a channel costs more than 1 sat in fees... kind of a funny situation there.

Ah well. For some reason routing a payment feels exciting. I'll call that worth the few cents opening a new channel will cost.

@htimsxela interesting, was it closed by the LND autopilot?

- no auto-pilot
- "close_type": "COOPERATIVE_CLOSE"
- the routing payment pushed the channel to >98% remote balance

Looking at it now, the node I opened that (now closed) channel with opened one back, for double the amount. The routed payment pushed that channel to ~50/50, so maybe the other node initiated that routed payment as a re-balancing of channels or something? Hmm. Why else would two channels to the same node have been used in routing a payment?

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