Blockchain facepalms & lols:

Celebrating that the company behind your favourite blockchain is moving to a 'crypto friendly jurisdiction'? Nice try, but you've rather sorely missed the point of all this.

This is the article linked:

But the real lols are a link within that article:

Why is 'supply chain tracking' still a blockchain meme? Does nobody involved in these ventures understand what a dumb idea it is?

@hiyitopatada Related to that... I've seen many people post about "every boom, there is a new round of shitcoins, all the old ones die off".

But I do wonder if this time it will be a little different... considering the amount of capital some of the IPOs raised, they may be able to sustain interest by paying developers and advertisers over the next couple years.

Its not unprecedented: thats more or less what Dash did (Darkcoin, originally), and they're still around years later..

I think there was too much attention on shitcoinery this time around, for it to rise again like it did. A lot of msm talk, security or not?, Wall St interest, etc. Cat is out of the bag now. But people have short memories, so we'll see.

@htimsxela > does anyone understand what a dumb idea it is?
Probably not. It might be a good idea as a business if all you care about is doing an ICO, but even they probably don't understand that it doesn't really work.

@jordan yea, unfortunately. That’s ‘scam’ territory, really. Can’t help but wonder how long the ‘blockchain’ buzzword will keep pulling in $ from uninformed investors. I guess there’s no shortage of dumb money...?
Ahh I don’t like being cynical, but I think it is sad to see resources that could go towards building something good for humanity being otherwise wasted..

@htimsxela Agreed. The problem is when someone puts in their "dumb money" and makes 30x return in 6 months, it doesn't feel dumb! Hopefully they start getting more informed and learn the power of the technology and what it can be used for instead of look at it as a get rich quick scheme. I'm hopeful, at least.

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