Blockchain facepalms & lols:

Celebrating that the company behind your favourite blockchain is moving to a 'crypto friendly jurisdiction'? Nice try, but you've rather sorely missed the point of all this.

This is the article linked:

But the real lols are a link within that article:

Why is 'supply chain tracking' still a blockchain meme? Does nobody involved in these ventures understand what a dumb idea it is?

@htimsxela > does anyone understand what a dumb idea it is?
Probably not. It might be a good idea as a business if all you care about is doing an ICO, but even they probably don't understand that it doesn't really work.

@jordan yea, unfortunately. That’s ‘scam’ territory, really. Can’t help but wonder how long the ‘blockchain’ buzzword will keep pulling in $ from uninformed investors. I guess there’s no shortage of dumb money...?
Ahh I don’t like being cynical, but I think it is sad to see resources that could go towards building something good for humanity being otherwise wasted..

@htimsxela Agreed. The problem is when someone puts in their "dumb money" and makes 30x return in 6 months, it doesn't feel dumb! Hopefully they start getting more informed and learn the power of the technology and what it can be used for instead of look at it as a get rich quick scheme. I'm hopeful, at least.

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