I have to be honest, barely a day goes by when I'm not frustrated by the completely false narrative being broadcast by basically every public speaker on the topic of Bitcoin:

* Bitcoin is fully traceable and not fungible

* Chainalysis works on bitcoin

Triggering me today 😂 .. was the "What Bitcoin did" podcast on the interesting topic of human rights in authoritarian countries. This narrative in full force there, too.

Is it completely hopeless to get people to understand better? 1/n


@waxwing I always enjoy your insight into these issues.

You mentioned seeing Mario G. speak recently in another toot, I'm reminded of something he said when I saw him present not too long ago, (to paraphrase): "many people fear and want to restrict 'anonymization', so we often say 'fungibility' instead".

Of course the two are not the same, but they are heavily related. As @FreePietje mentioned, the "I have nothing to hide" crowd do more damage than they may ever realize in this regard.

@htimsxela @FreePietje

Also the people who sneer at "bitcoin is used for money laundering", retorting "that's what USD/banks are for" make my blood boil ... and these are often otherwise intelligent people.

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