The following bitcoin addresses have been placed on a sanctions list by US authorities:

149w62rY42aZBox8fGcmqNsXUzSStKeq8C 1AjZPMsnmpdK2Rv9KQNfMurTXinscVro9V

I wonder what will come of this? What happens if those addresses start spamming random active addresses on the blockchain with small amount of BTC? This sanction will be very messy and difficult to enforce lol.


I feel like in the near future some wallets will include a config option that sends 1 satoshi each to both of the sanctioned addresses with every transaction.

@htimsxela Running a bitcoin node is a form of free speech. The state cannot compel or suppress free speech, so it can neither compel us to run software that rejects transactions nor prevent us from running software that validates transactions. They may confiscate funds from a KYC exchange but I think that's the limit of enforcement.

@r251d I saw someone on Twitter say "now it is up to the US govt to build and then convince a majority of bitcoin users to run software that sanctions these addresses" hehe

Futility aside, I think it will be interesting to see how this plays out, at least socially.

I *don't* think its a good thing though. Destroying fungibility is an attack on bitcoin, I think in the future it might become a serious point of contention.

@htimsxela Can you link a source to that please? Thanks. Just curious how they intend to prevent anything happening with those addresses.

@TallTim @htimsxela
yeah sign me up for this also...gotta hear their plan.

@mydogisahusky if you want to check it out I posted the link yesterday, if you highlight @TallTim's comment it'll be in a reply below it

@htimsxela @TallTim
"As a result of today’s action, all property and interests in property of the designated persons that are in the possession or control of U.S. persons or within or transiting the United States are blocked, and U.S. persons generally are prohibited from dealing with them. "

@mydogisahusky @TallTim
"U.S. persons generally are prohibited from dealing with them."

This is so incredibly vague, considering the function of the Bitcoin network... I have no idea how they could hope to stringently enforce such a rule. The obvious / 'easy' way would be to regulate exchanges, etc, that are within their jurisdiction. That seems possible, though still messy in some cases. The wording could imply a further reach, but futility abounds in trying to enforce it.

@htimsxela @TallTim
No effect on person to person dream state of the evolution of btc. I want to be able to walk up to any human on the planet to do business, and have them prefer payment in btc.

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