Does anyone know if and where there is data available on these questions or who could be tagged here that might have some answers?

1. Now that we have SegWit and more tx batching what is the on-chain capacity in comparison to what is needed for the next surge in the market? Will capacity meet demand?
2. Once LN is widespread as payment what is the expected nr of on-chain tx's for opening and closing channels on top of reg on chain tx's?
Bcash fans keep bringing up these arguments against LN.


1. It’s fairly impossible to define what the volume of the next surge may be. Capacity had increased, but demand is unpredictable. Any answer to this seems like a guess at best.
2. I don’t think there’s a good answer to this either, it’ll obviously depend on how utilized LN is, compared to on-chain txs. I think at best you could look at the current trend, but the tech is new so infrastructure is still not ready for widespread adoption, and thus the trends may not yet be meaningful.

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