I really wonder whether Bitcoin will ever be fungible...

... and if it won't be, it's not good money.

Monero solves this problem already.

@AlexAnarcho comments like this aren't going to go down too well on a Bitcoin maximalist server 😂

@anandamayi Yes maybe. If i get censored, I will find some other instance that can handle criticism.

I really dislike the silencing of opinion. If my statement is stupid, change my mind and dont silence.

@AlexAnarcho personally, I've used Bitcoin many times to pay for things I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. And I can also exchange it, right now, for almost any other form of money I want. So seems pretty fungible to me.

@anandamayi As long as the merchant doesn't distinguish outputs there is no problem with bitcoin. The problem comes up when a government gives out a blacklist for outputs. Bitcoin UTXOs CAN be distinguished, Moneros cannot. So in Monero there cant be a blacklist of outputs.

But yea... Its a problem created by a government.


@AlexAnarcho UTXOs can be uniquely identified, but if the relationship between a person/wallet/UTXO cannot be strongly formed, then fungibility is preserved. For example, P2EP transactions would seemingly break one of the fundamental assumptions of chain analysis services, making it much tougher to track users through UTXOs.
LN also allows payments to be highly anonymized. Combine the two and fungibility and privacy can be boosted heavily.

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