"Technologists claimed that taint tracking was hard, as they assumed that taint would mix and dilute when coins are joined; yet the relevant case law specifies first-in-first-out tracking, which turns out to be technically easy."

Umm... does 'easy' matter, when the results are absolutely inaccurate? Why do some people have such a hard time understanding that trying to force Bitcoin to adhere to the incumbent systems will simply not work?


BitcoinTalk is accepting Grin donations (this is the first time they've accepted something that isn't BTC, which seems notable).


I haven't followed along too closely, but the Grin tech does seem interesting. Bootstrapping a currency is no small feat, in any case.

So, BitcoinHackers, give me your Grin opinions!

Ethereum marketed itself as the 'unstoppable world computer', but maybe it would have done better to use 'the world's most expensive computer' instead.

I guess you could just make that the slogan for any 'smart-contract focused blockchain', really.

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Blockchain facepalms & lols:

Celebrating that the company behind your favourite blockchain is moving to a 'crypto friendly jurisdiction'? Nice try, but you've rather sorely missed the point of all this.

This is the article linked:

But the real lols are a link within that article:

Why is 'supply chain tracking' still a blockchain meme? Does nobody involved in these ventures understand what a dumb idea it is?

There are some good LN questions being posted to Bitcoin.SE lately. This one is interesting, its about the technical nuances of sub-satoshi LN transactions:


ETC is being 51% attacked, lots of reorgs, apparent double spends. I saw twitter posts recommending exchanges wait 400-4000(!) confirmations before crediting deposits. Oohf

Staunch reminder that PoW alone != security, and there certainly is no shortage of only marginally secure coins out there...

I wonder how long this would have to persist in order for some of the big exchanges to delist and abandon some of the 'top 20' sort of coins? That would be a wake-up call for a lot of people.

I cut some BTC vinyls out. If anyone on here is interested, DM me and I'll send you a couple for the price of postage, paid via LN. I've bought a few drinks at a local hackerspace and would like to get some channel capacity back :)

Ledger has a new product: techcrunch.com/2019/01/06/ledg

Article mentions bluetooth support for phone pairing/use, and 'the ability to store 100 shitcoins instead of just 18'.

Well.. thats two features I don't look for when shopping for a secure storage solution. Phone integration is nice for an 'on the go' sorta wallet, but mobile wallets are already reasonably secure for that use-case imo, I'm not sure having to carry around an extra piece of hardware is worth the marginal security gain. Hmm

I run a business, and we accept Bitcoin. It's a niche business, and BTC payments are fairly rare.

Anyways, we ran a sale for BTC's 10th, and enticed a few customers to spend some satoshis. Interestingly, probably more than half the sales came from customer who admitted it was their first time ever actually using/spending Bitcoin. Got a few "okay.. but how do I send BTC from Coinbase?" sort of Qs.

Felt nice to spur people to engage with BTC more than just "I bought some on Coinbase once"

Went to a birthday party for software tonight, complete with cake and beers bought via lightning payments. Lots of good conversation! Feeling inspired.

Happy Birthday Bitcoin!

2019 years since Jesus.

10 years since genesis block. (almost, anyways)

Which one is more significant? I think I know the bitcoinhackers response 😘

Is there any software that can accept an xpriv key to create a new wallet?

Storing a new seed phrase for every wallet is cumbersome, and is likely to promote poor security practices. Wouldn't it be nice to just do the due diligence for one seed phrase, and then use different derivation paths for your different wallets/ security levels?

Yea, single point of failure, but even as a method of managing multiple 'hot wallets', it seems like this would be a nice feature to have.

How long until Reddit threads about brain-wallets no longer feature users claiming “if you do it right, it’s secure!”? 😕


I’m kinda sad to see Brave getting hate.

Yea, BAT is useless. Yes, sketchy business practices should be called out (ie the recent misleading donations UI posts).

But, I think the current internet paradigm of ‘sell everyone’s data to marketers!’ is really bad and scary, so anyone trying to build an alternative solution is interesting to me.

I don’t intend that to be an open invitation to build sketchy stuff, I just want to see new ideas do combat with the current Orwellian shit..

In the earliest days of Bitcoin, there were a few exchanges and other services that pulled exit scams, and disappeared with a bunch of their customer's bitcoin.

Its kinda bizarre in retrospect: if you knew about Bitcoin that early, a fairly modest investment would be worth a TON even these days. Why take the risk of stealing from your customers? You could've just bought in and waited a few years... but I guess hindsight is 20/20, isn't it?

re: Bitcoin ETFs, etc.

Boy, wouldn't it feel silly to invest a bunch of money in a paper bitcoin instead of an authentic
Bitcoin UTXO, and then grow older in a world where you have a massive amount of dollars because Bitcoin became truly useful, yet your dollars are now useless?

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