Mempool is looking very empty. Get your transactions in! Get your lightning channels open! No complaining the next time its back up to a consistent 30+ sats/vbyte :p

Me: "Please send payment, here is the amount owing (to the sat)"

Customer: "I sent payment (rounded up to the nearest hundred thousand sats)"

privacy isn't easy lol 😅

Another issue I see with this analysis: it uses start-up costs to posit a total cost of attack, yet an attacker could invest in ASICs/stake, reap the honest rewards for a while, and then later perform the attack. Thus they can recover capital costs, making the (net) cost of attack much lower.

With ASICs, the ability to attack is diminished over time (hardware becomes outdated/breaks), but with stake, it remains approx unchanged (you will have approx the same % of stake, all else equal).


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Reading through a few PoS vs PoW articles online, came across this one from Vitalik:

The first section (on relative costs) feels completely mis-framed to me. The first red flag comes from the huge difference in the GPU vs ASIC calculation - why ignore all 'capital costs' for GPU mining? Why can't we rent ASICs? (Or rent stake, for that matter?)


The ocean doesn't care how much you own. It will swallow you up all the same.

A friend and I have started to settle our golf bets via the lightning network. Which would be pretty sweet, if I wasn’t down 41,000 sats on the last two rounds 😅

Anyone here using Sphinx Chat?

How do I get an invite code, when I'm running my own node? I can't seem to find any info about this in their docs? 😅

Life experience is the thing you trade life for.

Gotta do your best to make good trades.

I have a lot of friends that know bits and pieces about bitcoin and 'crypto'. I always ask if they know anything about the lightning network, and *not one* person has any idea what I'm talking about. I've had a few people reply with "Litecoin? Yea I know about that". lol

Still very early!

My lightning infrastructure is finally upgraded, and I'm impressed so far. Prior to this I was just using LND from the command line (and via some simple ssh shell scripts from my phone), but now I'm playing with some wallets that can connect to my LND node. More user-friendly, for sure.

And hey, my node has actually routed a few payments! 4 sats of income in the last week or so. Compared to zero routing fees gained by my old node... over the entire ~3 year time it was around. Ha!

A funny thought experiment:

Due to a critical bug, all UTXO values are doubled. The remaining block subsidies are all doubled. Literally, just double all the coins. Is this bad?


I think this is sort of similar to the 'divisibility' thought experiment: is it bad to further increase the significant digits of bitcoin? I've had conversations with a few people that struggle with this idea, they first see it as an increase in supply! (which of course it isn't)

Networking/btcpayserver newb question:

I can load the login page for my btcpayserver (running on an rpi) via '', but of course it tells me that I can't login in over an insecure connection. Connecting via '' gives a certificate warning, followed by a 500 internal server error (nginx).

Can anyone help me troubleshoot this? Is it just a matter of configuring an SSL certificate? Plz help me save an hour of head scratching 😅

Using the least pollutive energy source possible to mine is nice, but I think that the real story is that mining creates a very efficient form of security, either way. Arguing about renewable energy sources kinda misses the point of it imo.

Is there a currently running project working on token issuance on the lightning network? It seems like the RGB Spectrum project is no longer being actively developed?

Asking for a friend that wants me to help him create a joke token for a joke newsletter/zine he puts out once a month. lol

Services like this are an attack on the privacy of users everywhere. They use broken and inaccurate heuristics to analyze the chain, and present what is basically a 'taint score' based on the position of your funds within the UTXO graph. Anyone with half a brain understands that such 'taint scores' are unworkable and useless at scale. Do not be fooled into thinking that this is a good thing to use, or that it will provide you with any real safety, or value.

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