@nvk playing 4D chess to spur us plebs into building up our own instances instead of just taking the easy route. Nice.

When you add a hashtag to your post, an overlay will pop up telling you how many times that hashtag was used on the fediverse in the last week.

usually hovers in the range of 150-200, but after the influx of users over the last couple days, it is currently around 500. How high will it be by next weekend?

ngu tech!

Finally, the local timeline isn't just mostly full of various charts posted by the Malwario bot 😂

Bullish on this new influx of users, it actually feels like there is a bit more of a critical mass that will stay this time around.

A fun old stackexchange question: Is it possible to brute force the privkey for a bitcoin address?


Of course it is 'possible', but so is winning the lottery 100 times in a row. Very probably NOT going to happen!

Humans are quite bad at intuiting about these sorts of giant numbers/low probabilities, its tough to get a perspective on how astronomically unlikely a brute force success would be.

Anyone know of any more tangible analogies that make it easier to visualize?

The modern treasure hunt might just consist of searching for computer hard drives from the 2009-2015 era. Digging through flea markets and garage sale bins, armed with some software that can quickly parse through a hard drive while looking for wallet/key files, hoping to strike some digital gold.

(seriously though, there are Qs about finding old wallets posted to stackexchange fairly often already)


Want to learn about how works under the hood? This answer from Pieter Wuille is really nice: a 'high-level' overview of Bitcoin script validation:


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Wow I just looked at the local timeline here, and its really filled up with new people again. Cool!

Welcome all, if you're new here I'd recommend finding a few people who have been around long enough to build up a follow/follower list, and then look through those lists to find people worth following. Mastodon can be tricky to navigate at first, it can feel empty, but there is a lot of good content to be had if you know where to look.

Million-dollar sized Ooooohf


There are a number of potential attack vectors here, but at minimum:
- the code used could be communicating privkeys back to a server (this could be done even if the keys are created offline, if the machine ever goes online again in the future)
- the code could be just generating privkeys deterministically, such that even if the code is run offline, the attacker will still have your keys

Reminder: use well-reviewed wallets only!

It's hard to be truly happy about the Assange ruling, when I can't help but feel that the US govt has 'won' by apparently crippling his mental state after such an extended period of confinement.

"They won't jail you for life, but they will besiege you, rendering you a shell of the intellectual being you once were" is a pretty shitty outcome. I hope that Assange can find some peace and solace in the outfall of all this, but its hard to grok the mental battle he has endured this last decade.

I always kinda laugh when I see people posting about 'investing my bitcoins to get a return on them', considering the enormous upside potential of the bitcoin-bet as is. But hey, even back in the early days, MPEX existed, lol.

Anyways, this Q on stack exchange about 'living off the interest of an investment' has a few interesting answers. Keep in mind: a bank could provide interest on dollar OR btc deposits. There isn't much difference there.


Anybody else on this instance having technical issues? The site won’t load at all on desktop for me, can only access through a mobile app. cc @nvk @TallTim
I saw some other discussion about this yesterday, so I assume I’m not the only one affected.

Right after posting this I scrolled down in my feed, and found 3(!) people I follow had x-posted the same retweet, in a row (a post from @adam3us with a photo of the bitcoin price). Ugh.

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My feed here is really starting to fill up with x-posted retweets from twitter.

I'll probably be unfollowing some of these users soon. I don't find these posts add much value at all, if I wanted to see twitter content, I'd look at twitter.

if successful, a signal which discourages almost everyone from engaging in those activities. Or we, and people who share our values, could be successful and that will become the new norm of accepted behaviour.

*end quote*

Food for thought, re: privacy and use. (3/3)

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..arrangements were engaged in, just from that negative signal of a grand jury investigation. Signals about what behaviour is acceptable, what behaviour you can get away with, what behaviour is beneficial to individuals engaged in it and what behaviour is not, change how many people behave.
(...) We are at a crossroads now where those organizations that are fighting against those people who want to be able to publish freely and disclose important information to the public could produce, (2/x)

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A quote from "When Google met Wikileaks"-

Julian Assange: Remember Philip Zimmerman's PGP case?

Eric Schmidt: Yes

JA: That was just a grand jury investigation. It was moderately serious, but he wasn't convicted. No one at the time was even charged; they were being investigated. It changed the behaviour of thousands of people who were involved in choosing whether to put cryptography into programs or not. All sorts of tortured copyright assignments and inter-software company structuring (1/x)

I've seen some posts lately about Casascius coins being redeemed. Apparently more coins have now been redeemed than remain stored on the coins.

Interesting to see this, considering the coins usually sell for above their face value! If you had one and wanted to redeem it, wouldn't you want to just sell it instead (and end up with more BTC)? Does this say something about the state of the used Casascius coin market?

will help to destroy artificial wealth inequalities, which I think will be quite the reckoning for western society.

Wondering about soft-fork activation methods (re: Taproot)?
Murch put up a great post on stackexchange covering some of the differences/similarities of BIP8/BIP9:


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