covid rubik's cubing 

I GOT IT! 🥳 3x3 cube solved!

Now the real test is being able to do it again. I’m not totally clear on how one of my algos moves corner pieces specifically... but it does move them, and by cycling through it I think I can watch for when things line up correctly, so that I can then run the final algo.

That final algo is 78 moves long LOL (26 moves, repeated thrice). I’m quite curious to see what the more efficient solutions are now.

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LND question:

The first item in the JSON return for each channel when calling `lncli listchannels` is

"active": (true/false)

What does it mean when this boolean is false? The other node is offline? Wondering if I should force close these channels? They've been "active: false" for a while now.

covid rubik's cubing 

been playing with this again, have found some ways to move corners around without affecting the rest of the cube. Haven't completed the journey quite yet, but I have a lot of ideas for ways to tweak my current algorithms to still try out... if I can find a way to swap two adjacent corners I think I'll have it. Damn cube 😅

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This is cool, potential evidence of planet formation around a young star. Read the abstract and then look through the images:

> Conclusions: The twist and its apparent orbital motion could well be the first direct evidence of a connection between a protoplanet
candidate and its manifestation as a spiral imprinted in the gas and dust distributions.


From 16:30:

An A16z presenter talks about bugs in (eth) smart contracts potentially leading to lost funds. Explains that in the course's final exam, they have a Q with an example contract that has 5 bugs in the code, and students have to find the bugs.
Presenter then explains that the students will find normally 10 bugs. Woops!
*everyone laughs*

🤨 its not that funny

How is it that facebook is smart enough to acquire other platforms that will allow it to maintain it's surveillance buildout, in a time after it's original platform has stagnated...
Yet also facebook is apparently not smart enough to think of a way to make profit without just selling all user data to advertisers? Come one! All the resources in the damn world and thats the best they can do? Its honestly quite sad, and completely unimaginative.



Scammers are upset that the US govt won’t let them print their own money. Not sure this is any surprise, given the history of ~centralized digital money attempts being shut down.

Glad to see this, hopefully other scammers will think twice

Utah county, UT is issuing proof of authenticity for marriage certificates on ethereum (through a private company called Titan Seal).

What happens if you get married on the blockchain, but then everyone decides to DAO hardfork, and your marriage disappears from the record?

Could the cost of majority-attacking the network to remove a marriage-certificate-transaction be less than the cost of a messy divorce?

Mostly kidding, this is of interest, I wonder why eth though

Only 209,964 blocks until the next halving. Is that priced in yet, or no? 🤔

Hot takes encouraged below


To be clear, I don’t mean to imply namecoin is a scam, it’s a neat idea, apparently not well-loved by the market though. Just wanted to use it as a baseline for what came later

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I stumbled across this on Twitter— not sure if this user is being facetious or not, but I can’t help but think this is a brief preview of the next generation of scamcoin marketing. Over time the trend has been moving more towards bizarro buzzword soup that newbies are hungry for.

2011: namecoin might be a cool alternative, decentralized DNS
2020: we’re gonna read your mind and give you shitcoins.. if you behave!

Dystopian sci-fi authors might do well trawling white papers, ha.

Update: Apparently this post itself is a setup for a scam 🤨

OP returned to their original post (the one where they 'lost $45k'), and provided an answer that was just a recommendation to check out an obviously scammy 'recovery service'.

So... I guess its good that OP didn't get scammed, but that relief is negated by OP being a scammer themselves! Euugh 😪

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Taking a look at the StackExchange, a new Q comes from a user that gave away their wallet's 'pairing code', and then was robbed of the wallet's contents (no surprise there).

Questions from newbies that got scammed are common enough, but OP's account has a couple hundred rep, so that has me thinking... what are their other posts?

Investigation reveals that rep comes from another Q that they posted AFTER LOSING $45k TO A DIFFERENT SCAM. OMG 😫

Its funny how many websites have paywalls which can be circumvented by pressing 'esc' during the page load.

How has this simple hack not been fixed? I find very few sites that implement a paywall which defeats it.

Honestly, will I make an account and pay a subscription or whatever to read one article I was linked to? No.

But if its an article I want to read, I probably would send a few cents via a LN payment... just saying...

To be clear: I think the monetary policy of BTC provides utility, but is that alone enough to entice the masses to jump into it?

I think in the long term BTC will enable all sorts of novel online interaction, wherein users can exchange value for whatever reasons. Wanting to take part in that will be a major adoption driver, I think.

The internet is SO valuable, but what will its native currency be worth?

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Post-2008, ~every person I talk to takes issue with the enacted financial measures. Banks get bailed out, ordinary people get screwed, etc etc.

But I'm not sure this will be the primary reason people start using BTC. I think well-defined monetary policy is important for the success of something like BTC, but perhaps sadly, the masses will need more than that.

Utility is key: as that expands so too will the userbase.

Just looked at the bitcoinhackers instance timeline, WOW there is a lot of spam being posted on here. Some sort of surge of bots posting links to media streaming sites.

Normally I just mute stuff like that, but there are a LOT of them.

This is really not friendly for new users, that are going to just see a timeline full of useless spam. Would be nice to see any sort of moderation there... maybe its just time to move to a new instance? Hm

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