I find it hard to believe that regular Reddit users post about Bakkt so much. Very suspicious that Bakkt is paying for some sort of small scale astroturfing campaign over there. Like honestly, who cares?

My experience earning lightning network routing fees:

$ lncli feereport
"day_fee_sum": "0",
"week_fee_sum": "0",
"month_fee_sum": "0",
"millenia_fee_sum": "0"

This article is interesting, but if nothing else just hit the link and scroll down until you see the flashing red/blue square gifs, and then read the paragraph or two right above those for an explanation. Its a really cool optical phenomenon!


I've looked at lightning-poker.com before, but there has never been anyone online. Now there are three!

200 sats on the line 😆

LND updated-- very easy this time around, which is always nice.
I'm interested to see what this vulnerability affecting < v0.7.0 is..

One anecdotal reason I think the lightning network will be successful:

Every time I need to make a small BTC payment lately, my first instinct is to now see if I can send it via lightning.

This is beneficial to me because:
- Less fees, no need to pull up Johoe's mempool visualizer (my fav place to check out the current blockspace market)
- No need to consider UTXO management (privacy, efficient fee-rate planning, etc)

So if you want my sats, I guess you'd better accept lightning payments :p

My answer: ~3 years until I set up a node.

It seems absurd now, but the first wallet I used was blockchain.info. An easy web login trumped a command line installation.

Don't underestimate convenience as a (de)motivator! And the tinfoil-hatters on btcTalk can paint a scary picture of hackers coming for your coins...

(for the record, I went to *great* lengths to create secure logins and backups. I'm not sure you could use bc.info in a more 'secure manner' than I devised hahaha :p)

Bitcoin twitter is riled up because a well-known podcaster admitted to not running their own node. I bet more 'notable bitcoiners' are guilty of this than most people think!

So here's a question: how long after acquiring your first bit of bitcoin did you set a node up? I bet only a select group of highly technical people went node->acquire BTC.

Still in the no-node group? Speak up, and let someone help you get one going! Claw back some sovereignty, join the revolution.

It'd be frustrating to be working for a biz that is creating useless blockchain-hype products. At least once the hype dries up, people like this will have some knowledge that is transferable to building more viable (Bitcoin) tech.


I think this is a really stupid take, but I do also think there is a sliver of truth to the BTC part: privacy at the protocol level is important! If we end up in a future of white/blacklisted coins that will be really, really bad.

Also... something about ETH and infura servers shutting down.. lol! (and let’s not even start on ETH privacy, that is a very sad topic)

Bitcoin, not blockchain.

Credit to @woonomic on birdsite, great chart

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I wish LND had better UTXO management tools. I'd like to spend a certain UTXO entirely to create a channel, but that seems almost impossible to do.

Hmm, I guess the next best option is to have a very small change output leftover, rather than consume additional UTXOs just to cover the miner fees..

Being able to specify a certain UTXO, and then set the local_amt to (max - miner fees) would be great!

Hello newly converted Twitter Bitcoiners, welcome (back?) to bitcoinhackers.org


This is cool... but then you find out its set up to mine ethereum :(

When Bitcoin ASIC heaters? I realize they'll be more of an engineering task than just using off-the-shelf GPUs, but still!

Stumbled across the Rational Wiki today, I'm enjoying the sassy writing style, it feels like a guilty pleasure reading through it. More good-natured than LessWrong, perhaps.

Though it didn't lead me there in the first place, there is a Bitcoin article on the RW. A quick look through it, and I'm seeing lots of inaccuracies... makes me want to submit edits, but the article is really quite long! This will take some time... 🤔

Bitcoin may do to banks what the internet did to libraries.

Bitcoin may do to central banks what the printing press & age of enlightenment did to the Church's monopoly on knowledge.

Except that systems of money have stronger network effects than systems of knowledge, so perhaps the events that unfold will be even more acute and accelerated, compared to whats happening with the internet.

There are lots of entities that would have incentive to attack privacy-focused projects like Wasabi, so I do think we'll see more of this in the future. Probably much more.

User education is extremely important here!

The recent criticisms of Wasabi seem targeted towards uninformed users, which is to say, the criticisms seem very overblown.

Yes, of course you can follow the 'peeling' change UTXO through time.
Yes, someone could sybil attack the mixes, to reduce the anon set of everyone else involved in the mix (from the attackers POV, at least).

That said, uninformed users are more likely to use mixing tools incorrectly, and then suffer from a false sense of privacy.

Which of these happens first?

1) A mid- to high-GDP nation-state makes bitcoin use illegal, and enforces heavy penalties for it
2) A mid- to high-GDP nationstate publicly invests in bitcoin, and infrastructure related to it.

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