High GDP... Gooood
Low GDP... Baaaaad

The only thing about finance and economics I was taught in highschool

If you understand physics, then you would not be saying "energy is wasted".

This is untrue. Energy is converted from one form to another and the sum total remains constant before and after conversion.

is energy preserved across time and space.

What stops China from printing USD?

What stops the USA from printing Yuans?

Fiat is secured by energy sunk into war, violence, and mass destruction.

  is secured by energy sunk into math.

Interesting read:

"Signal is a government op

"Signal was created and funded by a CIA spinoff. It is not your friend.

by Yasha Levine



@melik 100%. After i got banned it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders. No longer was a i voluntarily subjecting myself to arguing with people who are largely mentally ill or incompetent.

For anyone thinking about running your own instance, oracle gives 2 lifetime free compute instances. 1core and 1gb ram each with 50gigs of storage. Go try it out.

Should I start buying and take it directly to my lightning wallet? Is it too soon to start using it? Is it just as robust as a normal wallet? I am planning to hold for a few years minimum.

I'm warming up to using Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin or any other coin as a means of payment if it means to buy and spend immediately. I'll use all other weaker forms of money/currency before I touch my
Upside: extremely low fees with next block transfer.
Downside: market fluctuations.

Advanced Mastodon Tricks #1

- Explore other instances - you can use this tool mastoview.glitch.me/ to view their local timelines.
- Fedi is not just Mastodon.
Better Youtube? joinpeertube.org/ !
Better Instagram? pixelfed.social/ !
Better Reddit? lemmy.ml/ !
And the kick? You can cross post / share between them, since they all use the same protocol :)

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Thanks to the great work of @Croesus_BTC . To all the "investors" out there.

翻譯自 @Croesus_BTC 很棒的圖表,致所有"投資者"們。

來源自 twitter.com/Croesus_BTC/status

BREAKING: President Trump signs Washington, D.C. emergency declaration, ahead of the Presidential inauguration, from Jan. 11 to Jan. 24.

FEMA will assist! 😱

How to make a bootable #macos install disk from another (non-macOS machine):

1. You don't.

Hope this helps!

Leftist bitcoiners. What a cognitive dissonance.

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