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US Capitol politicians finally living in fear of their citizens as it should be.

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You have got to be kidding me... 🤯

The Ledger leaks were already bad, but now have gotten to a point where it is completely ridiculous

I don't see how a company selling products that are supposed to improve their customers' security is going to gain back the lost trust 🤷‍♂️


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Working my way through “The Creature from Jekyll Island.” Orange pilled dawg. Orange pilled.

Oops. Gotta get my shit together re: how this platform works. Newdawg.

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John Vallis
Max Keiser
Nick Szabo
Preston Pysh
Lyn Alden

We still have work to do but we're making serious progress!

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it's very clear that political elites in this country are completely spineless, rolling over to contrived narratives (especially re parler) with no resistance. it's time for some new counter elites to emerge, that aren't so fucking afraid to stick up for themselves. bitcoiners need to rise up and assume power.

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