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Anyone have any recommendations for a good replacement to Google Drive? Nextcloud looks nice, as does EmbassyOS. Preferably something with a built-in document/spreadsheet editor, which I know is a big ask

Curious what everyone's take is on Craig Wright supposedly being Satoshi Nakamoto.

What is everyone so worried about? This dip is barely even worth buying.

Post stupid arguments you've gotten into on the bird site. I'll start.

Can I just say that after a day of being on the Bitcoin Mastodon, it is so refreshing to be around so many people who "get it". You are all awesome and worth following.

Reading Matthew 4 this morning and asked my son if he would turn a rock into bread if he was hungry and had magic powers. He said no for some reason. I responded, "heck I would!" and my wife tacked on "and then I'd wash it down with a nice cool Budweiser!"

Hey all, new here, I've got a question — how do you buy bitcoin for a company? We just want to get some on our balance sheet, but all the KYC is geared toward individuals, while Coinbase and Kraken's institutional offering seem geared toward huge investments (most have a large minimum balance).

Any tips (other than non-KYC coins, e.g. Bisq)?

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