So let me get this straight:

1. They print trillions out of thin air to pump their portfolios.
2. They recklessly short sell stock with extreme levels of leverage.
3. They stop you from buying stocks with your hard earned money if you pose a threat.
4. Then they launch an investigation.

This is not the way America.

@Genericblog If you use 10 you get to 99% efficiency, but there's rumor that the 1% left is bigger than it seems.

@Kennyben Does that mean wearing one is "probably" ineffective?

Obviously wearing the suit to groceries just to attract people seeing me and trying to make them realise the nonsense.

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I've been thinking of buying something like this but writing something like "FUCK YOUR LOCKDOWN" on the back.

What do you guys think?

@stephanlivera I agree lightning has proven itself, but the problem is not withdraws, but how they do them. They are already charging us way too much.

According to @Francispouliot from They opensourced their batching solution which turns withdraws very cheap. Plus the transactions clears faster than at any other exchange. I don't know what the others do, but it's a user problem, not a protocol one.

@MrSkweeze I started blocking all of them really quick. Especially when one of them proved himself as a fucking disgusting pedophile.

@zndtoshi @dergigi And at the same time, every year the price gets higher.

That's when we tell them: go fuck yourself with your 2% inflation lies.

@excellion I agree with you, but I am a bitcoiner. Would you say the opinion is popular among us & only unpopular for the rest of the world?

@CountBitcoin @excellion If no one can predict the future she should stop making prediction herself.

@gonzoearth You should also put a wind fan on your head to push back every invisible particles!

@stephanlivera I love these. I always wanted a Bitcoin shirt without the Bitcoin logo. This is one of the best options I've seen.

@Genericblog Interesting! Obviously the higher it goes, the more capital it needs.

Only the beginning. 🚀 :bitcoin:

Real Bitcoiners support Bitcoin-only services. If you have these options available but you are not using them, I consider you a poser and a shitcoiner.

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