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The single best decision we've ever made was to buy Bitcoin.

The second best will be unique to everyone, but I have a feeling we will all be working towards them together.

So let me get this straight:

1. They print trillions out of thin air to pump their portfolios.
2. They recklessly short sell stock with extreme levels of leverage.
3. They stop you from buying stocks with your hard earned money if you pose a threat.
4. Then they launch an investigation.

This is not the way America.

Obviously wearing the suit to groceries just to attract people seeing me and trying to make them realise the nonsense.

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I've been thinking of buying something like this but writing something like "FUCK YOUR LOCKDOWN" on the back.

What do you guys think?

Real Bitcoiners support Bitcoin-only services. If you have these options available but you are not using them, I consider you a poser and a shitcoiner.

I can't be the only one catching knives here. Let's hope I don't ran out of pocket money before it ends.

Fuck your two weeks.
Fuck your masks.
Fuck your social distancing.
Fuck your hand washing.
Fuck your lockdown.
Fuck your travel restrictions.
Fuck your curfew.
Fuck your job losses.
Fuck your stress.
Fuck your depression.
Fuck your decisions.
Fuck your irrational fear.
Fuck your lies.
Fuck your great reset.

Fuck off.

If people knew how unfair Twitter with their algos & rules enforcement...

...50% of the users wouldn’t go on the app

On twitter, if you have

-Under 2k followers & no checkmark:
Assume you‘ll be talking to yourself 1/2 of the time (ghost bans common)

-Over 2k followers & no checkmark:
Assume you‘re under strict staff enforcement & you’ll face suspensions/bans for any “violations”
(Helps to be a leftist zealot due to staff bias)

Suspensions rare & approval comes from top execs

I didn't know a bear market could last only 3 days.

This is the only class reunion I ever liked. :bitcoin:

Bitcoin is not out of control.

It's out of their control.

It occurred to me today that even if Central Banker policy was more economically efficient than Bitcoin policy, it’s still based on tyranny and should be abolished.

Jack's explanation of his miserable censorship doesn't excuse him.
Completely hypocritical and also quoting Bitcoin in the middle of it? Get the fuck outta here.

Massive infrastructure improvement coming to Bull Bitcoin. I wish we had released a few months ago. KYC will be much less strict and site will be much faster. Hopefully next week!

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