One thing I've noticed in this instance, is that BTC price is rarely mentioned, if at all. Instead it's conversation, ideas, et al... This is lovely. Constant price watching obsession is a counter-productive distraction.

price is the least interesting thing imo. Agreed.

@hiyitopatada haha
hey - i have nothing against a cute little convertible sports car... but ya... no lambo for me.It's a car for heaven's sake. And my cat needs salmon. She's not cheap.

😀 Yep, nothing against the moon or Lambos here, either.

We've gone to one car (it's all we need) and I walk, bike a lot now. So for me it's more "When moon? Fixie?"

@hiyitopatada @mydogisahusky last time I checked 1 bitcoin was still 1 bitcoin. Not changed for years 😉

@DMN737 @hiyitopatada

haha - the funny part is that The BCH holders are telling themselves the same thing this morning -
"But 1 Bcash is still 1 Bcash.. so we're still ok.. right?"

@hiyitopatada Maybe everyone doesn’t care about the price. It’s easy math. 21 million vs unlimited fiat. New players announcing new use cases for on ramps. ICE basically said they are going to fix Bitcoin. Ok I’m good with that. Arrogant Wahl Street types want to show us what a pump looks like. I’m good with that too. But the exciting stuff is going on within the protocol players.

Wall St types seem to see it one dimensional. To them it's just a digital gold thing to be mined 21 mil times, and that's that. They're missing the bigger picture of multi layer Bitcoin. I assume they'll get there eventually.

@hiyitopatada Its the economic shunt that converts bad money into good. Yes, some people get super excited about it, but it isn't the only thing I love about

@hiyitopatada If everyone can afford a Lambo, no one will want them anymore...

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