I know $900m isn't much to Google. But still $900m in EU fines!? That + taxes.

At what point do they say, "Fuck it, we're out. Not worth being in Europe."

When do their shareholders start asking questions? "Cut bait and fish elsewhere, spend that money on a dividend instead."

Facebook convinced teens to sell their privacy for $20 prismo.news/posts/257

Holy shit, Facebook is paying teenagers to install a root certificate on their phones so they can snoop on all of their internet traffic

Not a joke, this is actually a thing which is happening right now


Saw a guy driving a Range Rover the other day, with Bitcoin and ripple stickers on the back window.

Talk about a contradiction... or a brilliant hedge.

(Not the best privacy/opsec practice either. Although I don't mind the pub.)

"Bitcoin is for criminals." RIP
"Bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme." RIP
"Blockchain, not Bitcoin." RIP
"Bitcoin is too slow." RIP
"Bitcoin is bad for the environment." RIP

"Bitcoin is going to zero." SMH

Any guesses on what the next expression of denial will be?

I'm not anarchist, but I understand its appeal. If Bitcoin hastens its growth, I'm good with that legacy.

Friend today asked me about Bitcoin (USD price action). I said, "Bitcoin being Bitcoin."

She replied, "Yeah, it's similar to real estate, in that it depends on 'what chart you're looking at.' No big deal. Now a good time to buy?"

She's a normie nocoiner I've been softly educating for awhile. 🙂

Casual Bitcoin chat makes a difference.

Back for a visit, and as expected, I see that Bitcoin hasn't died.

I've got a medical issue that I must face. I'll be okay, but it will require considerable expense in mental energy and money for awhile. Still a Bitcoiner who will check-in with y'all from time-to-time. But I need to step back for a bit and focus on my health. Cheers.

Just kidding. I'm just mad that the sale is over.

Chat with neighbor yesterday. He asks, "Do you use credit card points?"

I say no, that I hate credit cards and avoid using them as much as possible. Don't care about the so-called rewards.

He looks at me like I'm a crazy person.


If the comment thread on this story is any indication, we're still very early or we're out of this world...

"NYC may pull the plug on cashless restuarants, retailers"


Will the anti-terrorist Regulation destroy Signal, Telegram and ProtonMail? Analysis of the text makes us fear that it will impose mass surveillance and automated censorship to messaging services offering end-to-end encryption.


It amuses me when critics say Bitcoin is only for speculation, when the general economy itself is speculative.

Stock market


Real estate


Venture capital

Day trading

Fantasy sports


Credit card points

Hoping for viral success

et al...

What is missing? Savings that are worth a damn.

So it should come as no surprise that people gambled their Bitcoin on shitcoin speculation. It was just another roll of the dice, in increasingly desperate times.

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