I've got a medical issue that I must face. I'll be okay, but it will require considerable expense in mental energy and money for awhile. Still a Bitcoiner who will check-in with y'all from time-to-time. But I need to step back for a bit and focus on my health. Cheers.

Just kidding. I'm just mad that the sale is over.

Chat with neighbor yesterday. He asks, "Do you use credit card points?"

I say no, that I hate credit cards and avoid using them as much as possible. Don't care about the so-called rewards.

He looks at me like I'm a crazy person.


If the comment thread on this story is any indication, we're still very early or we're out of this world...

"NYC may pull the plug on cashless restuarants, retailers"


Will the anti-terrorist Regulation destroy Signal, Telegram and ProtonMail? Analysis of the text makes us fear that it will impose mass surveillance and automated censorship to messaging services offering end-to-end encryption.


It amuses me when critics say Bitcoin is only for speculation, when the general economy itself is speculative.

Stock market


Real estate


Venture capital

Day trading

Fantasy sports


Credit card points

Hoping for viral success

et al...

What is missing? Savings that are worth a damn.

So it should come as no surprise that people gambled their Bitcoin on shitcoin speculation. It was just another roll of the dice, in increasingly desperate times.

Libertarian or libertarianish-wannabe gold bugs have, for as long as I can remember, been saying things akin to, "any day now, the people will wake up and gold will rule again!"

I think it's important that Bitcoiners not fall into a similar trap in thinking.

Be skeptical of "thought leaders" who think of themselves as too special to follow anyone.

Bitcoin doesn't share your identity but banks do.

Bitcoin doesn't close after a bell, on weekends, or holidays but Markets do.

Bitcoin doesn't hold and use your money between transference of ownership but banks and Fed do.

Bitcoin doesn't charge you to save or use your property but banks and Fed do.

Bitcoin doesn't require you share your identity but banks do.

Bitcoin doesn't require you have a parent's signature prior to legal age but banks do.

How has bitcoin failed again?
Methinks not.

Mining FUD is boring when 17 of the 21 million coins have already been mined.

I am very good with all of this selling. Gets rid of amateurs and hangers on like Hoffman. Sends off gangs of shitcoiners. Opens it up at a reduced price to people who really want in and/or who understand what it is about.

Trezor firmware update... I verified wallet seed, as they directed... have multiple copies of it... but after firmware update and wallet restore the balance is zero. Checked some transactions on explorer, coin still there.

What the fuck?

When did Trezor become such a pile of shit?!

Panic in the streets of crypto, and what does this Bitcoin hodler do?

Goes to soak and sauna. Edible MJ.

Selling Bitcoin for a weak, inflationary currency is not safety. But we have to flush away the amateurs and people who were in Bitcoin for the wrong reasons... the people who refuse to DYOR or the traders holding BTC, only because they had false hope their shitcoin bags would make a miracle comeback.

I know people don't like to compare the Bitcoin and stock markets, as indicators of anything. But the economy is showing signs of slowing down and stocks have been rocked lately.

Sans shitcoins, I think Bitcoin selling is not an indictment of it, but like stocks, nervy investors looking to preserve capital in the face of a weakening economy.

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