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Had a terrible day at work. Got home, wife had a negroni waiting for me.

Life is pretty good.

1. Do Pleroma and Mastodon share all functionality?
1.1. Is the only difference the front-end layout?
2. Which network has the largest population of far-Right weebs?

What's for supper tonight? Steak and onion au gratin here.

Need: an instance that is a cozy den for Qfolk, so I don't have to be on Gab just to get that massive dopamine hit. One platform for all my darkest desires, please.

Gonna go big on the garden this year, and share labor with friend who wants to set his garden up. Mutual aid to help our families be just a tad more less dependent on globonet. Maybe install rainwater harvest tub for irrigation.

Third, to make the area more human-scaled, employ pedicabs and microbuses to scoot people around to different little town centers.

Larger buses could carry people between different citadels. This is starting to sound FEDERATED.

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🏯 Let's design a Citadel by retrofitting and fortifying sections of suburban sprawl.

First, all goods for daily life should be available very locally, with most goods available walkably-locally. Pretend that this doesn't devolve into a graph theory problem.
Partially solved by converting lawns to gardens and pastures.

Second, rezone certain lots to allow for church, business, grocer, restaurant use. Create town centers.

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Calling them "toots" is goofy.
I move that they be renamed as "BRAPs".

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Arm them like her father did?

Breitbart News: Meghan McCain on Capitol rioters: "These are domestic terrorists who attacked our own republic. They should be treated the same way we treat Al-Qaeda.”

Full-List of bots:

Looks like this problem was already solved! Damn comfy.


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O Lord, how I wish Wrath of Gnon was on this platform.

What's the best way to retweet his stuff here?

I miss my carefully curated set of weirdos that would populate my birdfeed, but so far Mastodon is comfy.

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