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Shitcoins rallying again?
I guess we still haven't bottomed out then.

I'm incredibly lucky to have made it through the bull market with my stack intact!
And now I'm even adding to it.

Imagine selling at $20k with a plan to buy back more at $12k... What could go wrong? 🙄😂

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Everything that is playing out right now is why we've been stacking to begin with.

The fiat system is falling apart. And we need a form of money that can be held safely outside of the system without counter-party risk.

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Let's take this again. We can double the amount (+100%) of CO2 in atmosphere with only a ~10% increase of energy absorption.
We can five fold (+400%) the amount of CO2 in atmosphere with a ~20% increase of energy absorption.

CO2 is Not the main driver of energy absorption.

Theymos got guns now. Just your regular forum moderator.

Look, @VitalikButerin - just like !
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🚨BREAKING: The World Economic Forum has it’s own paramilitary force complete with @wef BADGES and armed with military-grade weapons.
They are harassing and detaining journalists at-will.
By what authority do they operate? Who do commands them?
Do Swiss authorities have any say?

Celebrating w family and friends.
I paid 93266 sats for these two and thought of Laszlo. Humble & grateful.

I wish @The_Pi_Hole would rid me of those annoying overlay banners on YouTube. Am I doing something wrong?

Remember the Covid crash of march '21?
I wonder if the markets are about to go apeshit...
An apoxalypse.

Right, I'll see myself out then.

Who's going to tell Vitalik that the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea" isn't really a democracy?
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@JeffKirdeikis @xalewic @AutismCapital My point being that the World Economic Forum is a *forum*, like Bitcointalk is a forum. The point is to aggregate different perspectives, not to publish pieces that it as an organization fully stands behind.

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