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"[In the market right now] liquidity is a substitute for solvency"
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The Fed is trapped.

Protect yourself.

I can't stand the "Not financial advice" shit.
Is it cuck mentality? Is it ego, like it matters much? Or is it a matter of copying because of a lack of anything interesting to put in the bio?

I bet he'd much rather have had his hands chopped off right now though 😬
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Never seen so much hate on CT for going short on . Apparently I am a fool who should have my hands chopped off. Really thought the community is better than that.

"What happened to Grumpy Daddy, mom? He's suddenly smiling, being all nice and shit"

If this doesn't bring out the guillotines, nothing will.

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really do tick all the boxes, eh?
🔲 Liberté
🔲 Égalité
🔲 Fraternité

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Friendly reminder that everything happening now was anticipated in The Sovereign Individual in 1996 🤐

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The only move for the to survive would be to actually embrace and adapt, because Central Banks have turned on banks and will kill them.
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I just received this weird text message from my bank. Buy !

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I'm halfway serious, large centrally controlled nation states and their policies are relics of an old Industrial Age, it will take time for the future to spread evenly. They will banish themselves into obscurity.

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Take note of who is shilling drivechains. And who is not.

Tells you all you need to know.

It's Julian Assange's 50th birthday today. My deepest respect to one of the greatest men of our time.

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We're now entering initial discussions about what the next upgrade should be. In my estimation, it is clear that previous discussions have centered on ANYPREVOUT and CISA. This is for good reason: Both upgrades are key for scaling LN. /1

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Lets find the miners a new home!

Bloody hell, read this whole thread, just read it!
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24/ As shown in this popular cartoon by the Ivorian artist Yapsy, decolonization in the CFA countries was always a hollow gesture. For these 180M+ citizens, financial freedom is the only way out. Bitcoin and its open source, borderless network may be a way to achieve that goal.

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