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Just bought some GME at €192, immediately put in sell order at €3000.-

And now, we wait.

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Electrum can now download the Bitcoin whitepaper from the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin succeeding proves that the mainstream economic model has failed the market test.

Keynes is wrong even on the meta level.

You absolutely have to watch this NASA video stream zooming into a supernova (Eta Carinae):

OK, this is just too cool not to post here. NASA zoom into supernova Eta Carinae.

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@stephanlivera @pox @ibz @lukedashjr @Mandrik @verretor @TallTim @zlok @nvk FYI, if you have a personal website that people might know (e.g. like Stephan), you can put a rel="me" link on it that points to your Mastodon profile, which the default Mastodon software will verify for people viewing your profile. E.g., here's mine.

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Bitcoin may well be environmentally costly, but it is absolutely worth it, even if it cost 10x more. Because Bitcoin disempowers debt-financed consumerism which the ultimate environmental scourge

We don't need Bitcoin. Let's just implement Democracy Perikles' Vision.

The Keynesian death spiral:

Cheap credit finances bad business.
Bad businesses collapse & wipe out creditors.
Collapse is prevented by cheaper credit.
Rinse and repeat on next level down.

Bottom level is communism.

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Most news events are noise. The Trump and Parler Big Tech banning will still be referred to in a decade's time. If they can do it to the sitting US President they can do it to anyone. Another national government, another presidential candidate. I expected it from Twitter, they are lunatics. I did not expect it from Apple and Amazon.

Governments lose, while money gains, relevancy in global economy.

They compete with money for relevancy.

To win, they destroy the money.

Mixed up Fediverse with Federal Reserve WTF

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Haiku time

They were almost right:
Bitcoin does crash all the time!
But mostly upwards 😁

Literature has no intrinsic value.
The internet has no intrinsic value.
Your PhD has no intrinsic value.
Music has no intrinsic value.
Bitcoin has no intrinsic value.

Everything in nature is emergent. Dominance by centralized structure is an aberration.

Fiat is centralized.
Bitcoin is emergent.

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