We'll never see BTC below $50.000 again 😄

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If is speculative, what do you call a $200k college loan with no guarantee of a job?

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China is the thought leader of the worlds govts. Lockdowns, surveillance and money.

Still no company converting their treasuries into shitcoins. I wonder why... 🤔

Governments may think they ban Bitcoin. What they actually do is ban the *fiat* system from participating in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

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Digging through @getumbrel code is hilarious:

$ cat umbrel/karen
#!/usr/bin/env bash

# karen watches for signals and executes triggers in the events dir
# karen gets triggered a lot

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Rewatching the Ross Stevens talk already. Might try to package this into an IV drip for constant consumption.

Signed up for the microstrategy event. Slightly disappointed. It's not mostly a Bitcoin event, Bitcoin is just one of nine parallel tracks of the more or less standard 'microstrategy world' event. Also, not covered for EMEA, only APAC and the Americas.

Will report major stuff if some unfolds

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Interesting (long) thread on the RH/GME saga explaining the mechanics of the markets.



The old system won't collapse. It will be eclipsed by something better, and its participants will be encapsulated in it, unless and until they opt out.

Imagine getting your social security payments in a currency no sane, capable person would want to accept.

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What happened on WSB was portfolio construction arbitrage. Well put by @chamath on cnbc

youtu.be/mCJ2DD61HzI (21:45)

I constantly remind my kids to use the heating sparingly, because it's the most economical form of heir conditioning.

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