Lol this is aging poorly

Mr. Coinvestor (@mr_coinvestor): "the lightning network of is a bloody joke going on since 2017 - What exchanges support LN wihdraws ? NONE - What hardware wallets support LN Adresses ? NONE - How many LN TX has the average user made ? NONE so I'm sick of "LN will change everything bs" im hearing for YEARS" | nitter

@johnkvallis tried boosting your podcast but payments wont go trough, your node is badly connected maybe use or use the voltage podcasting node plan

Apparent KYC database leak from MobiKwik in India:

- Database is 8.2 TB and contains 36099759 files. Nearly 3.5 million users' full KYC details. Along with 99224559 user phone numbers, emails, hashed passwords, addresses, bank accounts & card details etc.


Dude they trying to air some kind of pedo videos on tv, letting kids ask qeustions to butt naked people wtf

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In 48 hours I’m going to give one random person that retweets this tweet $10,000 in !

Make sure you follow me so I can dm you if you win :)

28 feb is te vroeg voor "Zwarte Piet" op treding

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DEMAND that congress takes action against DANGEROUS Ghost and 3D Guns!

They are a cheap, effective, way to circumvent NEARLY ALL of the gun control laws put in place! 3D Printers start at 200 dollars!

Go to to get in the fight!

@Liquid_BTC should focus more on privacy and smart contracts IMO, thing like @bisq_network and @hodlhodl are more usefull to have

liquid for transactions between exchanges is rendered useless the moment big lightning channel are opened between exchanges, why use liquid

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Bill Gates Warns Of The Sacrifices We’ll Have To Make In Stirring Speech Given From His 650 Million Dollar Super Yacht

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📢 Important announcement: we have made the decision to suspend $BSV and $BCH trading, effective March 1, 2021. Please take a moment to read more from our CEO @hfangca:

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👀 @elonmusk is no longer following @POTUS

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@maxkeiser I highly doubt it, but the problem is that is highly unlikely to ever hit $50,000 so we will never actually know for sure.

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@cz_binance @elonmusk Musk is far too smart to be dumb enough to buy . It's just a matter of time before you realize that too.

In retrospect, it was inevitable
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Spend less time watching the ticker and more on making your stack thicker.

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@rogerkver @michael_saylor @MicroStrategy Nice highlighting skills Roger! I bet you could get a job as an administrative assistant

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🔥Bounty time🔥
Writing Android apps is a piece of cake for you?
Have a couple of hours to spare?
Wanna stake sats?

Check out the task we have


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