🚨 We have been kicked off Twitter for this headline. We are now in a world where calling a man a man, even through satire and humor, is hate speech.

SLP343 @r0ckstardev & @Pavlenex - Career Opportunities in Open Source

we chat:
- 4 years of @BTCPayServer
- @BitcoinSmiles
- @bitcoin_design
- open source projects growth
- how to contribute
- @BitcoinerJobs

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Try out fiatjafs new project


Its a twitter like website build on nostr a censorship resistant technologie its fairly new so dont expect much

Follow me to try out or someone else



SLP331 @EricSirion of @Blockstream MiniMint - Federated Mints for Bitcoin

Eric and I chat:
- why use it?
- how it works, deposit, withdraw
- where lightning comes into it
- privacy and scalability
- community custody


Here's @hfangca of @Okcoin sharing some stats at @AdoptingBTC on the experience using lightning network

Hope y’all are ready for a lot more of this noise.


this is really cool, they are solving the plastic pollution in the ocean.

The outcast looks up at me as I greet him from the Citadel watch tower.

"Are...are there retweets here?"

"No friend. This is Twitter jail. In here, we boost toots. You'll get used to it, in as much as any sane man can."

The stranger's eyes drop to the ground. I see his shoulders gently bob as he begins quietly sobbing. The gates open. He is home.

RT @SimpleBtcWallet
Lightning network now has an extended routing graph with 2 public hosted channels which increases total network liquidity by 0.06 BTC without additional capital allocation.

lightning-wallet.com/posts/sca twitter.com/fiatjaf/status/145

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