At this point, with bitcoin on the front page of the WSJ every other day and CNBC shilling full time, I have lost the will to shill.

The faces of all the people I recommended bitcoin to who didn't buy keep flashing through my mind.

If you're a corporate fiduciary and you don't have bitcoin on your balance sheet, you'd better hurry the &#$% up.

The bitcoin naysayers are all capitulating.

"Volatility" is the go-to excuse for all their shady economic shit.

In Japan, where I live, people are living their lives. I went to a restaurant, a mall and a Starbucks today and they were packed. I booked a Golden Week trip and lots of places are sold out. Fuck lockdowns.

Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Time 🇭🇰

Get used to the $50K level. If we do have another bear market after peaking in December or so, it will be important support.

I sold the top in shitcoins. Got enough fiat I shouldn't have to sell any bitcoin for a couple years, at the earliest.

Some big player is scooping up those sub-$50K coins and knowing it's a bargain.

What is a long squeeze? How can they squeeze you if you are just hodling? Is it a squeeze of people long with leverage?

I understand the desire to run a full node to contribute to the network. But I don't understand the obsession with running an economic node, i.e. keeping your bitcoin in bitcoin core's wallet. Almost no one wants to spend their bitcoin, because of the punitive tax treatment. Everyone wants to HODL.

Borrow fiat on Block-Fi against bitcoin. Convert it to stablecoins. Deposit it on Block-fi and earn 8 percent interest. Only withdraw as you need it.

RT Sanctions Are War Crimes
"At a time of great need the US government is letting its citizens freeze, go broke, get evicted, and die of preventable illnesses, so obviously it’s of paramount importance right now for Americans to rise up with one voice and direct their righteous anger at China."

Caitlin Johnstone ⏳: The US Empire Is An Abusive Narcissist

"Electing a new US president doesn’t change the movie, it just changes the soundtrack."

Then you'd need about 7 bitcoin (the 7 you get back from Nexo) as collateral to borrow $300K from Blockfi. Meanwhile the rates have dropped to 7 percent and the next year bitcoin does a 3X.

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