Signal app is not a panacea. Be careful. Two strikes against it:
1) unnecessary phone number KYC 2) it's vulnerable to OS level logging via soft-keyboard. Signal knows the vulnerability but doesn't warn users. Why is that?

One more thing -- Signal app can provide a false sense of security.

It's actually surprisingly easy to impersonate someone on Signal. If your conversation is sensitive, make sure you're talking to the right person and check the Safety Number first.

You might want to verify the other party in some out-of-band way.

@hashenstein Is there a better messaging app? It's usually my go-to when recommending, but I'm open to others.

@zoyman Not with Signal's level of convenience and ease of use. Signal can be used safely, just keep your guard up.

@hashenstein it's super easy to get a burner sim. Upgrade to GrapheneOS to mitigate OS -related risks. I'm not saying it's a panacea, but definitely a better option vs. Telegram/WhatsApp

@hashenstein Why is nobody talking about Keybase? No Phone number or Email required.

@christinabahk Keybase was acquired by Zoom, and has just started censoring (e.g.: Deterrence Dispensed has to re-home).

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