How long before "national hashrate" and bitcoin mining is a national security disussion?

Tamper evident seal test: opening the envelope; breaking the seal.

I'm not 100% satisfied with this. It was impossible to open the envelope without ripping it and without breaking the seal. Unfortunatley, I think it *would* be possible to break the seal and re-seal in such a way that the second seal would be similar enough to the original that I might not notice, unless I inspected it closely using hires photos or using a loop.

Maybe I should to use a different kind of nail polish with more pigment and finer grain glitter.

This photo is copyleft : CC-SA-BY
Cheap ass bitcoin wallet backup made from hardware store parts... 3mm Letter stamping set, 1.5" x 2.0" stainless steel mending plates/brackets and M4 size hex capped screws/washers/bolts (available at any hardware store, AMZN, etc.).

Compartmentalization is not without downsides. If you use proprietary social media as your primary way of sharing information with your peers, then you are opening an attack vector for being censored.

Even if you have alts/backup accounts on open platforms, you are likely not to want to link them to your person. Sharing evidence collected by your person from these accounts becomes much harder.

It's becoming more and more visible that censorship-resistance should be the default.

I’m impressed with the ease of use and how quickly you can get a node up and working with Umbrel... but now what?

No way to see the logs? No instructions for how to SSH in? No way to edit configs?

Is the LAN IP# of your node even visible somewhere in the dashboard?

Crushed by nntaleb’s reversal and anti-Bitcoin FUDstering. 😭💩

Lesson: It’s important to keep your pseudonym disconnected from your real ID. Take nyms and OPSEC around nyms seriously.

Once the middle class figures out Bitcoin is a secure, productive savings technology instead of a highly speculative asset, watch out.

It's obvious that Silicon Valley still doesn't get Bitcoin as evidenced by this thread. There's probably tons more opportunity lurking in that blind spot.

Seems like all this energy waste stuff today is part of an organized "moral suasion" attack on Bitcoin.

It's really becoming clear how good @joinClubhouse is for affinity scammers and charlatans

Because they are not able to find audiences on open mediums where they can be called out, they find closed groups with oblivious noobs joining in

JWW can lie free of pushback there
RT @nvk
Clubhouse is the perfect shithole for the FUDsters to thrive.

Bitcoiners should be more wary of Michael Saylor and Elon Musk's reality distortion fields.

If you ever want to get a sense of how many institutions and rent seekers need disintermediation try opening a Bitcoin IRA.

Experimenting with making a tamper evident seal for my hardware wallet seed words. Homemade envelope sealed with sticker and glitter nail polish. Idea is to make a one-of-a-kind seal. I’ll take a picture of it and sign it with my PGP key, which will allow me to compare and verify the seal hasn’t been broken.

Any flaws with this plan? Is the glitter fine enough?

"Stealth Survival Phone" <-- this guy has some good ideas putting together a private, secure mobile phone.

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