How much more censorship by Twitter will it take for a mass exodus to occur?

Did @nntaleb let the cat out of the bag here? Is his Bitcoin “Black Paper” actually the first white paper for his new shitcoin?

I knew there was something wrong with Breedlove when he did a 99-part series kissing Michael Saylor's ass.

This is one of the worst mistakes Mastodon made, IMO. The screeching has stopped and we’re still here, but the bridge has been burned.

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At this stage I think we should consider Jack a bad actor until proven otherwise.

His hypocrisy claiming to support a censorship resistant platform for value transfer while clearly supporting/not fighting censorship on his platform for speech is transparent.

I suspect his involvement in Bitcoin is the means to the same sort of end as is seen on the bird site.

Provide an "open" platform, reach critical mass and then close it.

He's likely working with the "agencies".

create a 12 word seed with dice throws. practice memorization every day until you know it cold. No need to fund it, just have it ready in your brain if you need to run.

I still haven't heard ~convincing~ explanations for the following weird shit that was widely circulating during 2020:

- videos of people walking along and suddenly collapsing, supposedly from the virus (mostly from China but some from Italy too)

- the many, many well-produced, highly choreographed healthcare worker dance videos (wtf?)

- videos of guys in hazmat suits fogging and spraying disinfectants both indoors and outdoors... sometimes even fogging offices with people still at their desks

I used to think @nntaleb was difficult to understand because he was describing subtle and difficult concepts. But from his tweets ranting against BTC it’s clear now he is and always has been a sophist—a con man using fancy math and aphorisms instead of smoke and mirrors. On the one hand I’m totally disappointed, on the other I’m actually relieved.

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Amazing that @Nouriel and @nntaleb would beclown themselves and speak at a *fake Bitcoin* conference alongside laughable impostor CSW.

They hate real Bitcoin, but are happy to shill a collapsing fork controlled by tycoons.

This is the equivalent of supporting pseudo-science.

Listening to Quoth The Raven #253 wherein Chris Irons and Peter Schiff trash Bitcoin using Michael Saylor as a proxy.

The fawning over MJS was getting incessant. He is not a visionary. He's a egomaniac who wants to take credit for being a visionary. See: "The Mobile Wave".

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Yeah, I figured Michael Saylor hadn't really changed his spots.

"Buy when there's FUD in the streets, even if the FUD your own."

I'm grateful that eco socialists will be late to Bitcoin

It's inconsistent for @Tesla to HODL bitcoin and then claim that somehow the energy used to secure it is OK, but the energy used for transacting with it is not.

They're one and the same.

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