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I just spoke with Max of Bit-Buy-Bit Podcast on Wednesday for 70 minutes if you'd like to take a listen!


Best part of mastodon is the "Local" timeline. You'll see all the toots from users from bitcoinhackers.

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You don't need a chart from an anon quant to tell you that bitcoin will appreciate long-term. That's what the fundamentals are for.

But if someone comes up with a model, why not post it? Just have fun with it. Don't get too emotional.

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As I've revealed in my last Patreon post, I've been working on adding end-to-end encryption APIs into Mastodon as an upgrade to the direct message system.

Any and all technical details available at the moment are here:


An implementation guide for app developers is being worked on.


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@mattodell Hopefully, people keep using Mastodon this time. I remember a big wave a people joining and then leaving.

Almost 2 years since my last post here😂 ... Forgot why we were pissed at Twitter last time.

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SLP16 - Keeping Bitcoin Simple with @beautyon

- Akin's story with BTC
- Azteco
- Keeping Bitcoin simple
- @samouraiwallet and why they're doing it right
- Open source software

Hope you enjoy, and please share


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Certain French hardware wallet producer is using sponsored links to appear in Amazon and Google search results if you look for the keyword "Trezor." I guess that's investors' money well spent. 🤷‍♂️ Reminds me of the "Bcash is the real Bitcoin" bait and switch scam.

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Why has value:
1. Inmutable ledger
2. Permanent track history
3. Fixed supply
4. Not printed by the government
5. Decentralized, cant be controlled or manipulated.
6. Proof of Work and mining makes it hard to create= value.
7. Cant be forged or counterfeited.

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Helping bcash not only propped up that scam, but it also artificially prolonged the life of bad actors Bitmain so they can potentially IPO. Remember ASICBOOST and the Patent? I guess someone didn't. This is the Bitcoin equivalent of a Central Bank bailout of a failing company, that will now continue to drain resources and poison against Bitcoin. They should have been allowed to fail and liquidate. Then someone ethical would have bought them out and made them beneficial. twitter.com/Excellion/status/1

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Confirming what most of us have theorized for awhile now, bitmain has been propping up the price of bitcoin cash.

They are also the only reason bch hasn't been the target of 51% attacks, yet.

If I'm reading this right their current holdings are ~1M bitcoin cash, ~22k bitcoin, ~930k litecoin, ~312k dash, ~1100 ethereum, and
about $19M USD worth of various other altcoins.

FWIW take these numbers with a grain of salt since they are self reported.


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@orionwl @HasuBTC

I'm not (yet) a Bitcoin developer but I've worked in software security for most of my career and have dealt with the disclosure process plenty of times.

If this vuln had been exploited, it would've caused major pain not just for BCH users but for the entire cryptocurrency space. Real people losing real wealth, and extremely damaging loss of trust for the larger public.

The dev absolutely did the right thing, in absolutely the right way. Major hat tip to him.

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Brilliant article on how a Bitcoin dev discovered a critical BCH bug, and reported it responsibly to have it fixed: medium.com/@coryfields/http-co

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At last, a full end-to-end test suite is growing for E2E encryption (starting with Riot/Web) as we hunt down any/all remaining E2E bugs in our quest to turn it on by default... github.com/matrix-org/matrix-r

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Bitcoin Mastodon probably now has more hourly users than all Ethereum dApps combined.

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