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Finally releasing the first episode of my animated series exploring common Bitcoin topics from an approachable (and maximalist 😉) POV.


What happens when Jihan runs out of capacity from selling Bitcoin to support BCash. I guess he will sell LTC.

Everyone here let’s applaud Jihan. He runs the largest operation in Bitcoin and actively works against it for his own self interest. Yet Bitcoin still continues. This is a reminder that Jihan proves everyday that Bitcoin is decentralized. And since no one will attack BCash because of Jihan you know it is centralized around him.

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@Francispouliot , doesn't "Bitcoin maximalism" reminds us of "Capitalism"?

In both cases Vitalik and Marx wanted to diminish those arranges. Screw them!

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Anyone who watches/follows Block Digest, I've set up a Mastadon account in case this exodus goes full blown. Follow @blockdigest

Sorry peeps. I’m shilling this now. Get your OpenDime ordered before the holidays start. Load them up and make your family and friends Bitcoiners.

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Central Bank (Swiss/SNB) creates money and then buys US equities. Big Tech exists because its an arm of Big Government.

Buy BTC, this casino of corruption will end


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Time to move your thoughts to Mastodon & your money to bitcoin

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Some people have been asking for list of Bitcoiners to follow. There's lots of excellent people here all with different interests, so I decided to just focus on people who are experts in cryptography (especially the protocols related to Bitcoin), the Bitcoin Protocol, or both. It's currently not many people!

Instead of making a list, I made a beacon account so you can access its follower list via your usual frontend: https://hash.social/users/followsexperts
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Perhaps Mastodon could even serve a role in LN routing. 🤔 Imagine a Lightning bolt icon next to the star icon below a toot. Instantly send a tip to that person with the press of a button.

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While trying to run BTCPay Server on a small home server, had an issue with c-lightning that synced waaaayyy too slow.
In case anyone have the same issue, you just need to :
- turn off the docker compose (./btcpay-down.sh)
- delete the generated_clightning_bitcoin_datadir volume in docker
- start again the docker compose (./btcpay-up.sh)
Piece of cake 😎
Thanks @NicolasDorier !

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