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Going to Google calendar page causes an infinite loop of redirects for both my wife's and my Macs. Google status page says AOK?

@DavidPerlmutter How long does IV glutathione improvement last in Parkinsons? I have ALS, trying 1200 mg/day but not seeing much benefit.

Good info at including forecast times of arrival, height, spectacular energy map.

Voicebanking using modeltalker. Tedious but potentially rewarding.

Trying to merge tboot and bitvisor, pretty challenging

@zooko, patent 5133065 should have expired last month based on filing and issuance dates surprising attacks on crypto protocols via trusted computing and

Just got back from 11 mile run - really treasure each one now.

@ALSUntangled, holistic MD recommends IV glutathione, B complex and magnesium - what do you think?

Pointer to review of Open Source Trusted Computing software:

Paying taxes - has suddenly stopped responding, a bad sign

Studying Opal, the new disk encryption spec

Thinking about how to reduce CO2 emissions from a widespread Bitcoin implementation

Looking at ways to add more anonymity to bitcoin

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