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Leftists don’t trust the government at a traffic stop but want them to oversee their cancer treatment.

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Just saw this on my Instagram feed. I genuinely can’t believe how ridiculously stupid people are. I didn’t block the name because she’s a musician and actually has a bit of a following. This is the shit that has to go away.

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This is what certain three letter agencies have been doing for decades and you worry about one individual that the NYT tracked?

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The root cause of police brutality - beyond race, beyond class - is that the State will use violence at will against whoever they choose to

It's time to realize who the real emeny is

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Have mayors tried to declare inner cities as looting free zones yet?

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Someone violently looted 40% of everything I have...everyday....for all of my life.

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A reporter interviews a nurse who was working at the medical tent, treating a man bleeding badly from a rubber bullet wound.

Military police opened fire on the nurses, storming their tent. “I told him I wouldn’t leave him, I feel so bad” 😔

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A violent street gang has been roaming the streets of Atlanta enforcing an arbitrary restriction of free movement. This couple is tased, has their property destroyed, and then kidnapped by men LARPing in military uniforms. t.co/WmGZSuzgUq

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Anarchy is buying raw milk from your neighbor.

Anarchy is taking your son fishing without a license.

Anarchy is marriage without a license.

Anarchy is keeping 100% of your paycheck.

Anarchy is building a shed without a permit.

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This is why labeling as a terrorist organization would be a Patriot Act 2 type of deal

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Owner of DiJune’s wine and liquor on Dewey Ave says he won’t recover from damage and stolen product. Closing up shop after 60 years in business. @[email protected]

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So I finally set this up. Whats up Bitcoiners?!

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when compared to 2017-18 (a baddish, but far from crisis level flu season) 2019-20 shows a curve with a v different shape.

it was extremely mild early and had almost no peak where it generally does. then, it had a late peak that played catchup, right to the same level as 17-18.

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Where the “only police should have guns” crowd at now? Where you at Karen?

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