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Ao menos que você faça como eu e tenha seus ativos fora do país em Bitcoins. Nesse caso é só mandar aquela "banana" para o @BancoCentralBR e seguir a vida normalmente...

@hacktivist Thanks appreciate you highlighting this. Always helps to have more info in the hopper during sideways moves.

the funding rates for btc is going down again, witch means the interest for short selling is cooling

Short sellers on Bitfinex is up by 30% (5k bitcoins) since mar/06 while price movement is slowly going the opposite direction. I feel some short squeeze coming.

todo ano dou gargalhada com este tipo de notícia... imposto de renda é algo que nunca vou fazer na minha vida!

If the Quadriga guy is actually dead and not scamming, he just burned .25% of the BTC supply.

The Bitcoin adoption by brazilian corrupt politicians is something imminent. All of them know this great tool, but few already using it. Only stupid ones will continue being targeted by state police and its agents. Just wait till price stabilization/rise and you'll see how quick the FOMO will start...

Old Mother Sativa growing outdoor under full sun. The smoke from this plant is delicious, mellow and fun, perfect for a sweet silly time with friends.

Bolstered by stable trading volume, growing network activity, and increasing validation on Wall Street, the bitcoin price could be on the brink of a major move to the upside.

lack of liquidity @bitfinex funding book. Great opportunity for whales to earn interests

The worst-performing fiat currencies against the US Dollar this year

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