@haakon I've not been on Twitter recently, WTF happened to Hodlonaut? I mean it's not as if no one ever said on Twitter that CSW was not Satoshi

@Sosthene CSW has started sending out threats of legal actions to people who have pointed out that he is a fraud. He's offering a financial reward to people who doxx @Hodlonaut, who reacted by deleting his Twitter account.

@haakon @Hodlonaut yes, I read that, but I mean why @Hodlonaut ? I can think of plenty of other higher profile bitcoiners on Twitter that also thrashed a lot CSW, it doesn't feel that he has been especially aggressive compared to many of them. Maybe because it seemed to be an easier prey to them?


@Sosthene Who knows, but he has to start somewhere, I suppose. Later on, the threat letter has been sent to Peter McCormack of the "What Bitcoin Did" podcast as well, and maybe others as well by now.

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