Environmentalists don’t care about humans

This is not a good faith engagement

These are marxists using the environment and woke bullshit to drive their socialism light (champagne socialism) agenda forward

The smart ones already clued-in that is commie kryptonite

Most people on this earth don't give a shit about freedom if they think they'll be given 'safety'.

Network with Bitcoiners and you've got a high chance of finding the ones who care about freedom.

Great to hear @zhusu confirm my thesis that contango is driven by high demand to leverage long . Extremely bullish for Bitcoin and it acts as a potential spark for escape velocity.


Everyone is a critic of bitcoin, no one can explain simply their criticism.

It’s impossible to debate the mambo-jambo-conflating ppl.

The credential that establishes someone as real is the ability to supply CPU proof-of-worker.

The community has done an incredible job over the past decade spreading the message to the masses.

While we continue to do so, we should also focus some of our attention on fortifications of the network.

More nodes.
More mining.
More privacy.

is so obvious.

In hindsight, billions of people will be kicking themselves.

Bitcoin foi desenhado para que ele acabe nas mãos de que quem mais o valoriza.

A volatilidade do seu preço é um sistema auto-imune para descartar quem não esteja interessado na sua sobrevivência no longo prazo.

Taleb is right about , it fails as a currency.

A currency is a money-substitute imposed by monopolists. Gold is geopolitical money. is disruptive to gold.

is the separation of money and state: an obsolescence of currency as a concept.
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I've been getting rid of my BTC. Why? A currency is never supposed to be more volatile than what you buy & sell with it.
You can't price goods in BTC

In that respe…

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Bitcoiners shouldn't think or speak like Nocoiners.

Every company should hold Bitcoin.
Every company should try to embrace Bitcoins nature as much as possible.
Bitcoin will give your companies enormous advantages.
Bitcoin is common sense.

Wake up!

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6 years ago, in January 2015, completed its horrific one-year downtrend from the $1,200 high to sub-$150

Put yourselves in the shoes of these legendary hodlers and tell me again that they were just lucky

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On Sep 15th 2020, MicroStrategy ( $MSTR ) decided to store 100% of their cash reserves in . Here's what happened to their stock price since. Have a nice day CEOs. 🍻

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Bitcoin is emerging as a powerful force for human rights across the world.

In this new video for @reason, I explain how:

A Gigachad discussion with Michael Saylor and Ross Stevens

This is one for ages!


When someone tries to buy all the world's supply of a scarce asset, the more they buy the higher the price goes. At some point, it gets too expensive for them to buy any more. It's great for the people who owned it beforehand because they get to sell it to the corner at crazy high prices. As the price keeps going up and up, some people keep holding out for yet higher prices and refuse to sell.

Antes eu costumava dizer "cada um compra Bitcoin no preço que merece".

Pensando bem, vou reformular para: "cada um compra e vende Bitcoin no preço que merece".

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